Dark Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Yields: 12-15 cookies

Total time: About 40 minutes

These little chocolate chip cookies are so good; you will not be able to leave them alone. Every time we make these in our household they are gone within the hour of being baked. The sweet cookie combined with a 70% bitter dark chocolate gives you the perfect balance for the perfect cookie. If you cannot find a high-quality pack of chocolate chips, then simply get a bar and dice it into small chunks.

If you do not have light brown sugar in your pantry, I urge you to not substitute it as they will not be the same without it! You can, however, adjust this to a vegan recipe, swapping out your egg for an egg replacement such as banana, and opting for vegan butter. I have done so many times and it always works out great.


  • Butter softened (125g)
  • Light brown sugar (100g)
  • Caster sugar (100g)
  • Egg (1)
  • Vanilla extract (1 tsp)
  • Self-raising flour (225g)
  • Salt (½ tsp)
  • Dark chocolate chips (200g)


  1. Start by preheating the oven to 180°C (gas mark 4)
  2. Cream together your butter and sugar, once it has been combined, add in the egg and vanilla extract.
  3. Sift in the self-raising flour, and salt if you are using it. Then add your dark chocolate chips or chunks
  4. Roll the dough into small walnut-sized balls and place on baking parchment. If you want gooey cookies then cook for 7 minutes in batches, or for a completely cooked cookie leave them in for 10 minutes until they are golden.
  5. Take them out of the oven and leave them to cool on a rack, they will be very soft and may break easily. When left to cool they will start to harden and will be easier to transfer. Cool, until they are warm, then they are ready to be eaten or if you’d like you can store them in an airtight container for later.

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