Does pineapple induce labour?

While there are many theories out there about how to induce labor, do any of them actually work? Many of these theories include eating spicy food, going for a walk and using a range of oils. One slightly abnormal theory is that eating pineapple can induce labor.

While this theory in itself may sound a little crazy, there is actually scientific evidence to suggest that pineapple can definitely help.

How can pineapple induce labour?

Pineapple contains an enzyme named bromelain, which is known to soften the cervix and consequently bring on labor. There has been a range of test tube experiments that have used concentrated pineapple extract. Which actually suggests that pineapple can indeed induce labor.

However, in reality, a single pineapple contains only a small amount of bromelain. As a result, you would need to eat around eight pineapples within a day for them to have any kind of effect. Eating this many pineapple’s in such a small period of time could have a negative side-effect on your health, including indigestion and even diarrhoea.

Additionally, there are theories that suggest pineapple can stimulate your gut, consequently stimulating the womb. However, much like other theories, you would need to eat a significant amount of pineapple.

My experience with pineapple and labour

When I was pregnant with my daughter pineapple was my go-to fruit all the time, I would eat one a day every other day. I loved the taste, the crunch, the juiciness, the health benefits, and the smell. It was my all time favourite thing other than olives and chilies but that’s pregnancy for you.

As I approached the weeks coming up to my due date I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and the hospital wanted me to naturally go into labor and avoid giving me an induction but it did end in being induced but I personally think that pineapple helped soften my cervix leading up to when I did labor my daughter, and as a first time mum I had my daughter pretty quick. I personally would not recommend pineapple as the only labor inducing method.

Other methods for induction

The method I would definitely recommend is walking. Walking lots, and sex. I know sex isn’t what you want to do, especially when you are feeling huge.

Probably also feeling like your baby is going to drop out at any second! Sex worked for me in my second pregnancy. In fact, the same night I did the deed my son made an appearance that next day. Walking and exercises on the birthing ball helped with my first pregnancy.

Should you want to try this for yourself, scientists advise using only fresh pineapple. This is because canned pineapple destroys the bromelain, meaning that it will have no effect at all. It is also advised that you eat the core of the fruit, as this is where the highest amount of bromelain is stored. Whether you choose to try it or not, make sure you don’t overeat it.


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