How to make a macrame plant hanger

Discover how to make a macrame plant hanger using our step by step tutorial. Macrame is a unique crafting technique that involves the use of knots and fabric to create personalised gifts or home decor. Handmade gifts are the best. Below you will find a video that walks you through each process.

Alternatively you can keep reading to find out how to make a macrame plant hanger in six steps. This is a really simple, easy plant hanger tutorial, everyone can join in. If your looking to get into macrame, this plant hanger is the best place to start.

What you will need

  • Macrame cord
  • Fabric scissors 
  • A tape measure
  • A copper hook, for hanging it on


1. To begin, attach your tape measure along your table to make it easier measuring out your cord. You need to measure out 8 lengths of four metre cords. So make sure that you have 8 different strands of cord. Gather all eight ends together and hang them over the hook. 

2. Secure the top of the plant hanger by wrapping around another length of cord to secure it on the hook, and then your going to lay the cord along side your strands, fold it down and then back up on itself so there's a loop and then tightly wind it around your cord so you do a bit sticking out at the top and then a loop at the bottom and then you can pull your cord through the loop and pull the top one so it is secure.

3. You should have 16 cords in total. Now separate them out into four lots of four. Then start with a series of square knots. To make a square knot take two strands, I start with my right as I am right handed so it is easier that way. Leave the two centre strands were they are.

Take your right strand cord and place it over the two centre cords and then left side underneath, and pull the cord through past the other ones. For the square knots we are going from right and then the left. Odd numbers are on the right ride and even left side on top. Pull them nice and tight together, you will want to keep a consistent tension. 

4. Repeat the process roughly twenty times. Once you have twenty on your right strand, repeat it on the other three strands. leave a gap and do a series of twisted knots meaning you do half a square knot over and over again, starting with the right over the centre cords.

Repeating that all the way and you will see the knots start twisting on themselves. Make sure this is repeated the same side. Do around 15 of these. Leave around a two inch gap between the square knots and then the twisted knots.

5. Measure them against each other to make sure they are consistent and the same length. Now we have done all the twisted knots, go the other way as well and do another series of twisted knots, by going left over and right underneath. So that the cords twist the other way. Do the same amount of these as well so it's the same length.

As your plant hanger is nearly done it get easier to do these knots as the cords are shorter so they don't tangle. You can then go ahead and do another series of square knots or carry on with the twisted. Make sure the straps are consistent lengths.

6. Now the straps are done it's time to do the section that the pot sits in, take two strands of cord from the two straps that are next to each other, and then do one square knot to join them and do that all the way around, and then do another row of square knots as well.

At the bottom finish it the same way you started off at the top. Take another strand of cord, lay it alongside the cord and twist it round leaving a loop at the bottom to pull the cord through. Make that nice and tight. Finally, you can trim off the excess lengths of cord and can also trim the bottom to how long you want it. 

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