ouzo drink recipe

Ouzo is a greek drink that is normally sipped with greek foods such as olives, bread and meats. Ouzo was commercially distilled in Greece and Cyprus in 1856. The flavour of ouzo is similar to Sambuca which is from the star anise. it can also be found with flavours of cinnamon, cloves and coriander and fennel. So will have a very fragrant flavour. Ouzo can be made with any grain alcohol such as vodka or whiskey. Most commonly made with vodka as its main spirit. When drinking it it is normally drunk in a tall glass with very cold water to dilute it.


  • Water (118ml)
  • sugar (100g)
  • chopped and dried angelica root (1/2 tsp)
  • fresh grated mace (pinch)
  • star anise extract (3 1/2 tsp)
  • good quality vodka (473ml)
  • water (236ml) 


To make a simple syrup add the 118ml of water, mace, sugar and angelica mix well on a medium to high heat. Once cooked leave to cool. After the syrup has cooled add the alcohol, 236ml of water and star anise extract and shake well. Age for 1 week then strain into clean bottles and age for a further one month to improve the taste.

Ouzo (Frequently Asked Questions)

What alcohol percentage is Ouzo?

The Greek aniseed liqueur is very strong and has an alcohol percentage of 40% - which makes it as strong as vodka. 

How much does Ouzo cost?

The standard price in England for a 70 cl bottle of Ouzo is £17 GBP but the price can go as high as £35 GBP depending on the brand. In Greece, a bottle of the same size would cost you about €12 euros. 

Where can you buy Ouzo?

You can find Ouzo in most supermarkets and for some reason the price for ouzo is about the same online at Amazon.

Can you use Ouzo in cocktail?

There are many popular cocktails that you make with ouzo, you can combine 80g sugar, fresh mint, 100g blackberries to make a sugar syrup and combine it with 250ml ouzo, the juice from 3 limes, soda water and ice cubes to make an Ouzo and blackberry and mojito.

Some other cocktails that contain ouzo are Greek coffee cocktail, Mediterranean sunset which is made from ouzo, grenadine and grapefruit juice and raspberry-ouzo-slushy which contains frozen raspberries, nectarines, Ouzo, lemon, and lemongrass.

How to drink Ouzo?

It is not a drink that you are supposed to drink a lot of, instead you would have one shot before or after a meal. Traditionally, Greeks serve Ouzo with ice cubes and bring the drink to the nose before tasting it to be able to appreciate the aromas. Alcohol experts suggest that if the ice cubes are not made from distilled water, it will alter the taste and so they recommend mixing it with cold water instead. 

Is Italian Limoncello and Greek Ouzo similar?

Both drinks are aperitifs to be had before or after a meal to clean your pallet but in flavour they are both very different. Limoncello has a citrusy sweet taste that is fruity, and mellow whereas ouzo is stronger and has an aniseed flavour.

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