How to play a singing bowl

When it comes to playing the singing bowl it can be difficult to achieve the right sound. There are likely a few barriers that you will need to overcome but by making sure that you follow the best practices you will be able to get playing without making so many mistakes. The positioning of the singing bowl is important, it should be sitting on a cushion that is made for its size. If the cushion is not right it could damper the sound and in some cases even mute it.

If you don't use a cushion and opt for a different surface to place the singing bowl for example carpet or a wooden surface the sound could come out harsh or the bowl may just spin not allowing you to build up the bowls energy. Accidentally striking the bowl is another common issue, when playing the singing bowl you have to keep your wrist in line with the rim of the bowl keeping the stick as straight as possible as you move it around the edge of the bowl. If you apply too much or too little pressure you may find yourself accidentally hitting the bowl which will give you an unsettling sound.

Some people can play the instrument in the palm of their hand or for small bowls that can be held in the fingertips however this is a difficult practice for a beginner which is why we recommend a singing bowl cushion. Hold the striker in the centre with your fingertips pointing down. Rub the striker clockwise around the outside rim of the bowl with an even pressure. Some bowls have markings which allow you to easily follow the pattern round. Use a full arm movement to rub the bowl kind of like you are stirring a big pan of soup. As you play the singing bowl the sound will build up slowly as the singing bowl picks up more vibrations. 

How to play a singing bowl (video)


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