Jamaican coffee recipe

Jamaican coffee with rum is a famous twist on classic Irish coffee. It is topped with the same fresh whipped cream, but it is garnished with a single coffee bean instead of grated chocolate. Coffee first came to Jamaica in 1728 by sir Nicholas lawes from Hispania. The Jamaican brand called Blue Mountain is well known and is highly regarded because it grows at a very high altitude at nearly 7,500 feet on Clifton Blue Mountain. 

Coffee with rum is a popular dessert in Jamaica and is served after a filling meal. This recipe serves 4, and whilst we recommend that you use the dark rum because it is the main ingredient that makes this recipe special and very much Jamaican. If you do not have it, you can use Tia Maria liqueur instead or other booze that goes well with coffee is whiskey, Baileys, Irish cream, or coffee liqueur to make a calypso coffee. A strong spirit will cut some of the sweetness as a general rule. 


  • Fresh ground coffee (4 tbsp)
  • Soft brown sugar (4 tbsp)
  • Dark rum (100ml)
  • Double cream (4 tbsp)


Brew the fresh coffee in a cafetière with boiling water and leave it for a few minutes. Pour the coffee into four glasses, add the sugar, stir to dissolve, then pour in the rum. Pour the double cream mover the back of the teaspoon so that it floats on top. 

Jamaican Coffee: Frequently asked questions

Can you make Jamaican Coffee without alcohol?

Jamaican coffee can be made without alcohol, instead you can use natural flavourings. Usually Jamaican coffee contains dark rum as the alcohol but this can be replaced with alcohol free spiced rum or molasses. In fact the flavour of rum can be replicated by combining water, raisins, butter, mollasses, salt and black tea.

What are different types of Jamaican coffee?

Some use rum in their recipe, others will use coffee flavoured liquors, some will use all spice, others may not want to use spices and will go for a simple coffee prepared with coffee beans that have been produced locally.

Can Jamaican coffee be a replacement for normal coffee?

It is not recommended for health that you replace normal coffee with Jamaican coffee every day as it contains alcohol, more fat and more sugar.

What's the history of Jamaican coffee?

Jamaican coffee was brought to Jamaica in 1728, from Hispaniola as it has the most natural and favourable conditions for the coffee beans to grow. By the 1800s - there were 686 plantations for coffee in operation.

Why is Jamaican coffee different?

Jamaican coffee is grown different, the bean is matured slowly rather than being rushed. The place it is grown has the richest soil in the Caribbean. The reason for Jamaican coffee being one of the best is the way is is grown at such an altitude on a mountain which produces a denser bean that makes a rich cup of coffee.

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