John Powell - Goodnight Sweet Possums (Kalimba Tab)

"Goodnight Sweet Possums" by John Powell is a soothing orchestral piece renowned for its relaxing ambiance. The composition is characterized by a delightful interplay of strings and a gentle guitar melody, creating an uplifting and magical atmosphere. As an integral part of the original motion picture soundtrack for "Ice Age: The Meltdown," the music enhances the film's emotional depth and storytelling. John Powell's expert use of orchestration brings a unique charm to the composition, making it a standout piece within the broader context of his film score contributions.

Number notation

2° 3° 5° 3° (1°3°6°) 7° (7°2°)

6° 7° 2°° 7° (6°1° 6) 5° (5° 5 7)

2° 3° 5° 3° (1°3°6°) 7° (7°2°)

5° (6° 6 1°) 7° (3° 5 7) 5 6 7 6 (5° 5 7)

Letter notes

D° E° G° E° (C°E°A°) B° (B°D°)

A° B° D°° B° (A°C° A) G° (G° G B)

D° E° G° E° (C°E°A°) B° (B°D°)

G° (A° A C°) B° (E° G B) G A B A (G° G B)

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