Moong dal ladoo recipe

Laddu or ladoo is a sweet that originated in the Indian subcontinent. These are sweet golf ball-sized treats typically made from flour, fat and sugar. We have tried these treats made by a company called Haldiram, and they were delicious but are quite expensive for what they are, and unfortunately too many come in a box to be able to eat them all, so we prefer to make them ourselves. They are extremely moreish, but as they contain a lot of sugar, you should be mindful of how many you eat. 

This recipe makes 10 round-shaped sweet lentil balls. They stay fresh for about ten days in an airtight container. If they have been fried, you should keep them in the refrigerator for best results.

Whilst they are often made with gram flour, you can also make them with semolina or lentils; this recipe uses green moong dhal as its base. Motichoor ladoo is also known as Boondi ladoo - the main difference between them is that Motichoor is typically smaller than Boondi - other than the fact that Boondi contains Saffron syrup, the ingredients remain the same. Sometimes other ingredients like chopped nuts and fruits are added to them. For special occasions they may be topped with an edible gold leaf decoration. 

Popular variations of this dessert include; 

  • Coconut ladoo
  • Urad dal ladoo, 
  • Moong dal ladoo (green mung beans)
  • Sabudana ladoo (tapioca pearls)
  • Shahi ladoo (dates and figs), 
  • Laai ladoo (amaranth),
  • Murmura ladoo (puffed rice)
  • Rava ladoo (semolina)
  • Atta ladoo (wholemeal flour)
  • Mootichoor ladoo (gram chickpea flour)
  • Til ladoo (Sesame seeds and peanuts) 


  • Green moong dhal (450g)
  • Water (300ml)
  • Brown sugar (450g)
  • Dried milk powder (225 g)
  • Ground green cardamon seeds (1/2 tsp)
  • Chopped mixed nuts (50g)
  • Green food colouring powder (1/4tsp)
  • Desiccated coconut (to finish)
  • Knob of ghee


Remove grit from the dhal, wash and dry in medium to high heat in the oven. Once dried, add to coffee grinder into flour.

Make a syrup by boiling your water and sugar stir until a thick syrup. This takes around 10 minutes. 

Mix the dhal flour with the milk powder, cardamom powder, food colouring and nuts together. Add it all into the syrup until you obtain a stiff, sticky mixture. Keep this on low heat and continue stirring, then add in the knob of ghee.

Spoon a little bit of mixture at a time and roll into golf balls or your preferred size; the smaller they are, the more you can make. Roll them into the desiccated coconut.

Keep the mixture on a low heat and stir until you have made all of the balls, then allow them to cool, serve and enjoy.


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