Lassi meethi recipe

Lassi meethi is a deliciously refreshing drink to which you can add any fruit of your choice. It has a light texture with fruity notes, the more ice, the better. To make your lassi fruity, you need to add about 50 grams of fruit, or if making the mango variant, you will need between 1-2 whole mangoes for mango lassi. You can use any fruit for your choice, but the best is mango. To make it into a purée, blend the fruit, add it to the drink.

Fruity lassis are best served in the summer months to accompany a curry as a non-alcoholic party drink or dessert. Despite its sugar content, the drink is very healthy due to the calcium and vitamins present in the milk and mango. Serve yours in a fancy cocktail glass or as an appetiser in a shot glass. If you follow a low-fat diet, you can swap the full-fat yoghurt for a fat-free alternative. If you are following the vegan diet, you can swap the regular milk for plant-based, and if you are health conscious, you can remove the sugar from the recipe.

It doesn't have to be just a drink; it can be a great light breakfast to start your day. It will be easier on the stomach than on that morning smoothie. The lassi slightly varies from the traditional salty lassi served in north India but is similar to the Turkish savoury yoghurt-based drink called Ayran. Try serving the Indian yoghurt drink with a pinch of ground cardamom for freshness. Rosewater is probably the most difficult ingredient to find and so if you can't get hold of any, don't worry because there are plenty of substitutes that will work in its place. Instead of rose water, you can use; rose essence, Jamaican flower water, orange flower water, vanilla extract, or almond extract. To make it look more like mango simply add turmeric to the recipe for colour. 


  • Plain yoghurt (300ml)
  • Milk (300ml)
  • Water (600ml)
  • Rosewater (4 drops)
  • Sugar (3 tsp)
  • Crushed ice (300ml)


Add all ingredients apart from the ice to the blender and blend for about 1 minute. If using fruit, add it to the blender as well. Add crushed ice to a glass and serve.

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