mango mousse

If you can't find a lemon or lime jelly without sweetener, you should swap it for a jelly that contains sugar like orange jelly. The reason why is because sweetener is in many cases more harmful than sugar, and it can make your food taste like chemicals.

Trust this process, and you will have the perfect fluffy mousse that is bubbly airy and light. It melts in your mouth when you taste it; changing up the lime jelly for orange gives it a real variation of flavour and complements the mango flavour very well. It would go great as a fruity element to a trifle. Whilst in this recipe all of the ingredients are mixed together, you can keep them separate if you want to layer them in a glass a dessert or if you'd prefer to serve the mousse and jelly separately. This delicious Indian dessert Pairs very well with a plain biscuit or a slice of mawa cake. 


  • Lemon or lime jelly (1 packet)
  • Boiling water (600ml)
  • Lime juice (25ml)
  • Grated lemon peel (1)
  • Double cream (225ml)
  • Tin of mangoes (1) or whole mango 
  • Egg white (1)


Step one.

Chop up the jelly and add to the boiling water and the lime juice and lemon peel. Set aside to cool.

Step two.

Whip the cream until thick and bouncy. When you have a good consistency, add the chopped mangoes keep mixing until well combined. 

Step three.

Then add the cream and mangoes to the liquid jelly mixture and stir well until the cream has settled into the mixture.

Step four.

Whisk the egg white in a separate bowl with some electric whisks at high speed until you get stiff peaks. Fold into the other ingredients; the key is to keep mixing until everything is well combined. Then leave to set in the fridge for around 3/4 hours. Once set, enjoy.

I would recommend making this dessert a day in advance due to the effort that is needed and the time it takes to set properly for the best outcome to leave overnight. 


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