our mission to save the planet

We care immensely for the environment. With the growing use of plastic materials, dangers within global warming, extreme weather, landfills, and even meat consumption causing many problems, we have to make a change. Because of overconsumption and excessive waste, we have ensured that the products that we sell are better for our world. 

Most of our products are biodegradable and handmade, meaning that the products are not mass-produced and will reduce damage to the environment. Our hope is to fix issues we face as a global community and lead this change. We want to share beautiful things made from natural materials like tagua, raffia, bamboo, exotic woods and more.

sustainable materials to use for craft

When our business began, we were selling our own DVD'S to earn extra money, but it quickly turned into a full-time job. Our market approach is unique because of our willingness to be fair to customers and now contributing to fair trade, more use of eco-friendly items instead of flooding the market with plastic.

We will support others on a low wage in developing countries, promoting less plastic, a healthier environment, competitive pricing for customers, and leading companies worldwide for fair trade goods. We deliver products through platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, website and continue working closely with our suppliers. In the past, we have helped donate to child rescue in Nepal.

Together with our suppliers, we have raised over £3,000; with this support, the children can regularly go to school and benefit from a midday meal. The kids' headteacher reports that the children are more alert and engaged. The parents have noticed this change too.

The money is enough to pay for two years of a midday meal for the whole school. Before this donation, 20% of the kids were suffering from malnutrition, but the follow up after shows this is no longer the case.


Featured products

handcrafted antares panpipes from Peru
Antares Bamboo Pan Pipes
Sale price£15.00
quena andean flute with colourful case
Quena Andean Flute
Sale price£60.00
coconut thumb piano kalimba
Kuta Thumb Piano Kalimba (7 note)
Sale priceFrom £15.00