5 Reasons why kids are clumsy

Many parents wonder why their child is so clumsy. This could be because of how often kids fall over or walk into things. It is common for children aged between two and five years old to be covered in bruises simply because toddlers are the clumsiest. Why?

1. They are still learning

After they have learnt to walk, they will still be learning. You don’t instantly become an expert, it takes some practice. For them, everything is a little off-balance. You can understand it better if you think about ice-skating or rollerblading for the first time.

When you go. You could find yourself holding on tight to things around you and may even end up falling over a few times. For a toddler, that has not walked before, things will be a little wobbly. As children’s feet grow, they struggle to keep up with balancing.

2. Are their shoes the right size?

Making sure that they have the right sized shoe is a must, and their feet grow so quick. If their shoes are too tight or too large, your child could easily trip over.

3. Multi-tasking and growth spurts

Most of the time children are trying to master so many physical tasks related to their co-ordination. During growth spurts, the centre of gravity changes for them and their limbs are growing rapidly.

4. Not looking where they are going

Toddlers and young children don’t tend to look where they are going. This could be because their busy minds are focused on toys, books, games etc. It is of course something they will learn with practice. Although many adults dont look where they are going. Some are glued to their phones instead. For little ones, they get distracted so easily. Its no wonder they don’t see the metal pole that’s right in front of them!

5. Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a common reason for children to be clumsy. This is because it affects their coordination. It causes them to perform worse than expected in daily activities for their age group, and they will likely appear to be clumsier. If you are noticing your child’s clumsiness is a problem, and they are tripping over every little step or toy on the floor, it could be a sign your child has got some vision problems. If you are noticing your child isn’t listening to you commanding, or they do not walk a certain way, this could be a sign that they could have some hearing difficulties.

Your local health visitor or GP will refer your child to have tests done to rule out any health complications and will hopefully find out why your child has been the way they have. I wish you all the best of luck in parenting, clumsiness is just a part of your toddler being themselves and trying out new things. If it does start to affect your life, don’t hold back. Go ahead and talk to a professional.

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