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Give you up was written and composed by rick Astley, matt Aitken and mike stock. It was released in 1987 and became a huge hit in the pop hits and was awarded best British single at the 1988 Brit Awards. Family guy devoted an episode where Brian (the dog) plays and sings the song 'never give you up' on the stage with lead guitarists and drummers playing long with it. The song was played in many popular films including, angry birds where the eagle did not want to give up on the eggs, so it flew to get them. It was also featured in an episode recently of 'ted lasso' the football series on Apple TV it was used in Rebeca's dads funeral where she had no words come to here so she recited the words from the song. 

The meaning behind the song actually began whilst recording a song with astleys producers, astley answered the phone to his girlfriend and the producer said 'your never going to give her up' which gave them the perfect idea for a song. The song is all about feelings of love, what they do to us, how they make us never feel like giving up on the person. Never give you up would suggest he was not willing to give up trying in the relationship which shows true devotion. Below we have the number and letter's to play along on your kalimba so you can play the song as and when you like at home or for performances. 

Number notation







Letter notes







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