Should kids have a night light?

This is one topic that is highly debated nowadays. Children have such great imaginations and sometimes this can be a negative for them. Children eventually go through the age where they worry about monsters especially at night time when it’s dark and scary. Each child is very different but at this time when they are worried, they can ask for the light on. As a parent, we don’t want our children to be scared, and essentially we have only two options.

Option 1

  • Keep the light on, they will not fear monsters for as long as the light is on. They will grow up and whilst their fear of monsters may fade, they may develop a fear of the dark. This could have an extreme effect on them as they transition to an adult maintaining their childhood fears.

Option 2

  • Explain to them that monsters are not real. That you shouldn’t sleep with the light on as it is a waste of electricity, and that it will keep them awake. After you have helped them understand, you can turn the light off. Later on, their development will not be affected by it and their fears will fade.

When I was a child, I was scared of the dark. I secretly without my grandparents knowing watched films on my iPod. Even though I am now an adult, I still like to fall asleep in the evening whilst watching or listening to something. I find comfort in it and feel that it helps me sleep. I don’t think that I did myself any favours by watching things when I was younger at bedtime. But then what would you do if you had the direct choice – be scared or don’t be scared?

What environment is the best for sleeping?

What environment is the best for sleeping?

A night light up until the age of three years would be fine. As long as it isn’t a long term solution. After your child’s third birthday is when they may start to develop fears of monsters or darkness and this is when it is important to encourage them to sleep without a light.

The ideal sleep environment is cool, quiet and dark. In those earlier years when your baby is still an infant, it may make it easier to check on them during the night if there is a soft subtle light. There are many parents who think that nightlights are fine and many who think that they are bad.

There are also many choices of different types of night lights on the market that all claim to be beneficial to sleep. Many state that night lights that use red LED light can help to encourage sleep. It does this by boosting the production of melatonin. Whether these claims are true or not is difficult to tell. Especially considering that a dark room also stimulates the body’s production of melatonin. Another reason to avoid using a nightlight is that they can become hot, causing them to pose a risk of a fire during the night.


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