The Best Websites to Learn Music Theory

Are you passionate about music and eager to deepen your understanding? Learning music theory is an essential step towards becoming a well-rounded musician. While traditional music theory classes can be costly and time-consuming, the emergence of online resources has made it easier to learn at your own pace and convenience. Let's discover the best websites to learn music theory, the advantages and disadvantages of online learning, and offer tips to help you make the most of your online music theory education. 

1. EarMaster 

EarMaster is a comprehensive online resource that covers a wide range of music theory topics. EarMaster offers an in-depth learning experience with detailed lessons and interactive activities. The website has six chapters: clefs, pitch, notes, rhythm, harmony, etc. Exercises and quizzes accompany each class to reinforce your understanding. EarMaster's emphasis on practical application makes it an excellent choice for aspiring musicians who want to develop their skills. 

2. Carved Culture

Carved Culture is a website specialising in musical knowledge with clear how-to guides so you can learn to play your favourite musical instruments. Also, our tabs allow you to learn and play specific songs on specific musical instruments. We have a natural bias towards our content. We can openly announce that we are ambitious to be the world leader in providing free musical knowledge to all, but it is worth checking out the other websites in this list, too! 

3. is a popular website that provides clear and concise music theory lessons. The step-by-step lessons allow learners to progress at their own pace. The website incorporates interactive illustrations and diagrams to enhance comprehension. also offers iOS apps, providing the convenience of learning on your mobile devices. is a valuable resource for mastering music theory concepts, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner. 

4. One Minute Music Lesson 

One Minute Music Lesson is the perfect choice if you prefer short and concise lessons. Each lesson is presented in a two-minute video format, accompanied by text summaries. The bite-sized lessons cover a wide range of music theory topics, making it easy to grasp essential concepts without feeling overwhelmed. The visually oriented approach of One Minute Music Lesson appeals to learners who prefer a more engaging and visual learning experience. 

5. Music Tech Teacher

Music Tech Teacher is an excellent resource for both music educators and students. The website offers day-by-day lesson plans for various aspects of music theory. While primarily designed for teachers, Music Tech Teacher can also benefit individual learners. The website provides quizzes and tests to assess your knowledge and identify areas for improvement. The comprehensive lesson plans and interactive quizzes make Music Tech Teacher a valuable tool for those seeking a structured approach to music theory education. 

6. Berklee Shares

Berklee Shares is an online collection offered by Berklee College of Music, one of North America's most prestigious music institutions. While some resources on Berklee Shares are samples from their official courses, they still provide a quality education. The website covers music theory topics, including notation, scales, chords, etc. Although not as interactive as other websites, Berklee Shares offers comprehensive materials for those who prefer a more academic approach to music theory.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Music Theory Online 

Learning music theory online offers several advantages over traditional classroom-based learning. Firstly, online resources provide flexibility, allowing you to learn quickly and fit lessons into your busy schedule. You can access the learning resources from any location without commuting to a physical place. Many online platforms offer interactive exercises, quizzes, and multimedia resources, enhancing the learning experience. 

However, there are also some disadvantages to consider. Online learning lacks the immediate feedback and guidance experienced instructors can provide. Without face-to-face interaction, clarifying doubts or seeking personalised advice may be challenging. Additionally, self-discipline and motivation are crucial when learning online, as there are no external deadlines or accountability structures.

Learning music theory is valuable for any musician, and the internet has made it more accessible. You can start your musical journey and enhance your skills by choosing the best websites to learn music theory. Follow our tips for selecting the right website for your needs. 

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