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I’m Michelle Ventura, I created Tiny Little Cacti. I am based in Orange County, California. My company has been established since 2017.

I make concrete planters by hand. I paint each and every one of them. All of my planters are made from 90% concrete and 10% sand blend.

I use only the best quality of concrete and paint to give my customers only the best products. I am currently trying to broaden my line, this includes the addition of my wooden air plant hangers and concrete cactus magnets. 

handmade striped concrete cacti planter made by tiny little cacti

I love art, it has been a passion of mine since I was a child. This tiny business of mine is an art form. I get to create planters and paint them with designs I come up with! This always leads to an expression of my creativity which then helps create something stunning and truly unique.

Using everyday products as moulds, I start with using clean and reusable silicone moulds. Sifting each bath of concrete to pull all rocks out to make a smooth concrete finish. I then mix water and concrete powder to make a thick consistency and pour it into each silicone mould. After 2-3 weeks of curating and the soaking process, these planters are ready to be painted.

Each design is original and is carefully thought out during the planning process. We have various options available from minimalist plain styles to more intricate triangle shapes.

triangular designed concrete cacti planter

Because we have so many design types, I can happily say that there is a planter for everyone! The sleek concrete planter will be a nice addition to your modern home decor. 

New products will be added soon, as we discover new techniques and processes on our mission. 

I really enjoy putting each planter with its perfect green companion. To show my caring nature, on our website we have a dedicated section to help you keep your cactus healthy! They are available via our their Tiny Little Cacti website.

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