recyclable materials

Buying new doesn't make much sense. Of course, it can be nice to open a brand new box and see this shiny item, but it doesn't stay pristine, and with the packaging removed, the item is then used and can expect a decline in value.

Let's take a look at the process of a new product; it starts in a factory or workshop made using new materials, it is then sent directly to a store outlet or directly to a customer. The customer uses the item until it is no longer suitable. Depending on the material, it's moved to a recycling centre or landfill, which then disrupts and causes harm to our environment. It typically costs more than secondhand and can last the same amount of time.

The packaging for a new product is also excessive. If you have ever brought a TV, appliance or a kettle, you will know that there can be a substantial amount of plastic wrappers, polystyrene which seems to go everywhere no matter how careful you are.

What can be recycled?

Many materials are widely recycled and in many different ways. For example, clothing can be recycled in charity shops or changed into rags to make new garments. 

Old paper and cardboard are recycled for craft or to create new paper or cardboard. Wood is one of the most excellent materials that can be used to make almost anything, such as doors, tables, chairs, houses, shelving. Any wood in the form of timber is technically already recycled because its primary purpose is to be a tree. Old metals are melted to create new products such as jewellery, electronics, aluminium cans, tins, etc.

Plastic can be recycled; however, as it does not decompose and is harmful to the environment, it is not a preferred choice, and we need to continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

Recycled definition

According to various sources on the web, the definition of the word recycle or past tense word recycled’ is; converting waste into reusable material. For example: “used metal tins can be recycled into new aluminium.” Synonyms include: reuse, reprocess, cover into something, reclaim, recover, salvage, save, use again.

There are many benefits to buying recycled. Let's explore them now. 

1. Less waste

Buying recycled means less waste simply because it prevents the product from going into landfills, which is better for our environment.

2. A new lease of life 

The item being recycled or refurbished means that it gets a new lease of life and can be enjoyed or used again. Refurbishing further adds to preventing waste because it can prevent someone from buying something new. 

3. Promoting creativity

Reducing mass production by recycling can also be good for your creativity. Take a broken item and think to yourself, what could I make with this? There is a lot that you can achieve with just a few things. Glue can be used to fix loose parts, and other materials can be replaced. You could even remove all of the material from the broken item and store it in tubs until you have a project.

4. Unique 

Items that have been recycled have a lot more character in them. For example, rustic shabby chic furniture is very popular, and the nature of the furniture comes from its upcycled refurbished look.

5. Cheaper

Recycled items are naturally cheaper to buy because the company that made it has had to pay less on the cost of materials. 

Ethical recycled gift range

We have many recycled ranges, so we will showcase our top 5 items that have been made strictly out of recycled bike parts, taken only from broken bikes that have abandoned. All of these items are fair trade and handmade.

1. Chain picture frame

photo frame

This stunning photo frame has been handmade in India from a recycled bike chain. It makes for a fantastic photo display.

2. Bike bookends

bike bookends

Can you think of a better way to use scrap bike parts than to make a stunning ornamental bike that offers actual functionality? Hold all your books on the shelf, and appreciate the beauty of this recycled metal. 

3. Tea light holder

Recycled Bike Tea Light Holder

Who would have thought that a rusty bike chain could have been cleaned up so nicely and can actually be used as a home decor piece? Not me, this product still blows my mind.

4. Indian bike clock

bike clock
Just wow, a clock made out of spare bike parts. Why settle for anything less than the character that this offers.


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