Morus Guiro Shaker (Sound Demonstration)

Morus Guiro Shaker (Video) 

The Morus Guiro Shaker is a percussion instrument made from lightweight but sturdy wooden material, perfect for beginners and educational settings, especially music classes and for children. This versatile shaker doubles as a guiro, offering a range of sounds achievable through shaking, hitting, or scraping. Easy to play, it comes with a wooden scraper, making it a two-in-one instrument. At just 15cm and 116g, it's a mini guiro shaker that is both portable and easy to store.


Where to buy the Morus Guiro Shaker?

Morus Guiro Shaker

 There are many things we love about the Morus Guiro Shaker, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. The sound this instrument produces is a two-in-one, making it a great addition for musical ensembles or for music classes for beginners and children. You can purchase the Morus Guiro Shaker here.

Sound demo

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