Twinkling Twines Candles

Twinkling Twines came with the idea of their Candles (Candles' Twines) adding spark in your eyes and spreading smiles (Twinkling Expressions). The colours entwine together to reflect passion; intending to spread happiness. Based in Ahmedabad, India.

They make candles intending to spread handmade love. They are used for mainly interior décor and are also suitable for many occasions such as birthday parties, wedding celebrations, date nights in the form of aesthetics or gifts.

There are coffee, tea, chocolate, rose, lavender, fruity scented and non-scented gel candles. They customize the candles as per the theme or client's needs. Every product is created with a different approach which gives each of them a unique identity and adds new variety.

Twinkling Twines Candles variety

They have gel candles, paraffin candles, crystal candles, chunk candles, photo candles, scented candles and various theme based candles like floral, sea, desserts, cocktails, couples to name a few.

Despite the fact that they have been making candles for over a decade as a hobby, it is only this year, that they have commercialized it. Now they have a team, with people from architecture, interior design, finance, marketing and they reckon Creativity is synonymous to happiness.Everyone in spite of being busy in their profession makes time for new ideas to enhance the handcrafted candles along with the various tests that need to be done.

Their Inspirations are colours, more specifically the play of colour gradients, it is a trait every gel candle has. The paraffin candles are all theme based and they too follow a rhythm of colours. The founder said, “We love creating different colour combinations and our passion for colours encourages us to create new products.”

The process of making is based on the choice of theme and colours followed by the glass and moulds availability for gel and paraffin candles respectively. Then the wax is melted and required wax colours and scents are added. The wax has to be melted for each colour individually. After proper placement of wicks in glass/mould, the coloured wax is poured in layers.

Where two colours need to collide for a gradient effect, the new layer is poured before the previous layer dries completely. Some candles, especially the drinks and desserts candles require certain garnishing elements and toppings which are too handmade using paraffin wax.

The process does not end there, the task of adding Stickers, Thank You cards and packaging as per the client's budget and occasion; helps them build their brand and enhances the product's visual appeal. One of their team members’ loves packing gifts and keeps trying innovative ways to do so.

The founder of Twinkling Twines made her first candle about a decade ago, which was a milkshake with ice cream candle that had a strawberry scent with respect to her love for dairy products and desserts. The business called Twinkling Twines was set up by best friends and it has been established since April 2019. Come check them out on social media

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