New Musical instrument Sound Demos

From October to November we have been focussing on delivering high quality video and audio that captures the sounds of our musical instruments so that we can help you decide which musical instrument is for you based on how it sounds whilst also showing you an example of how it can be played. 

Why we decided to make sound demonstrations

The decision to do this came from the fact that the platform TikTok has become very popular; in 2020, the platform surpassed more than two billion app downloads and with other leading social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube introducing shorts we thought it was about time that we switched from making long form content to making short educational videos as well. 

So far we have created sound demos for most of our musical instruments and in the following months we will be introducing more sound samples as well as how to play videos and some easy song tutorials for beginners. 

Our kalimba content has been very popular on the website and on our YouTube channel and so we will be releasing some new Christmas kalimba videos and are planning on sourcing new musical instruments from around the world to add to our collection. 

We love anything handmade and natural but music is our passion and so we will be transitioning next year from a fair trade gift store to a specialised music shop.  Have your say about how Carved Culture can you help you by commenting below.

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