Yin Yang Tea Light Candle Holder Set - Carved Culture

Yin Yang Tea Light Candle Holder Set

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An attractive set of two candle holders with candles, that slot together to form the Yin and Yang design. It symbolises two primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe, the size is approximatley: 13cm, origin: Thailand. Features: A bold Yin and Yang design, Interlocking shapes, Supplied with black and white candles and is of course fair trade, this would make a great gift! 

Ying Yang essentially is balance, the balance of dark and light. Happy and sad, it can be truly interpretated anyway that you would like. Originating from china, it was found on skeletal bones of various animals in the 14th century. The elements are infact opposites, however they are inseperable. 

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