Best Guitar Case For Flying

A guitar case is a no-brainer for avoiding bumps and scratches on your guitar at the airport and during flights. Either feature will work well with a guitar hard case or gig bag, to-lock or not-to-lock. All these depend on how you're about to carry your instrument. Why not check out our list of the best guitar cases for flying and find the right one for you? 

Quick Look At Best Guitar Case for Flying 

  • Zager Pro Hard Shell Wood Case with Digital Humidity Sensor
  • Zager Pro ABS Ultra Light Molded Case w/ Digital Humidity System
  • Gator Cases Deluxe
  • Calton Acoustic Guitar Case
  • Hoffee Acoustic Guitar Case
  • Karura Guitar Case
  • Visesnut Guitar Case
  • Fender Guitar Case

Best Guitar Case for Flying: Our Top 8 Choices

Let's learn more about the eight best guitar cases for flying that excel in different categories. 

Zager Pro Hard Shell Case with Digital Humidity Sensor

The Zager Pro Hard Shell Wood Case features robust construction and a built-in digital humidity sensor, making it ideal for acoustic guitars. This case protects your guitar from bumps and environmental changes so it stays in perfect shape during your trip. The wood shell makes it very durable, and the digital humidity sensor lets you monitor and maintain the correct humidity levels.  


  • Strong wood structure
  • Custom-made Digital humidity sensor to fit your guitar's body within 5 millimetres, accurate to within 1%
  • Key lockable triple-chrome-plated latches
  • Insulated glove compartment
  • padded, long-lasting 

Zager Pro Molded Case With Digital Humidity System

The next one is also from Zager Guitars. The Zager Pro ABS Ultra Light Moulded Case is an excellent choice for people who want a light that protects their phone. Crafted from long-lasting ABS plastic, this case is light but strong enough to handle the knocks and bumps of travel. 

A big plus is the built-in digital humidity system, which keeps the air around your guitar safe and controlled. It's easy to carry during travel because it's not heavy, which is excellent for people who fly a lot.


  • Highly lightweight ABS moulding
  • Custom-made to fit your guitar's body to within 1 millimetre
  • Digital temperature system that is correct to 1%
  • Lock-bolt with key
  • Locks plated in triple chrome
  • A padded glove box with EPS foam filling

Gator Cases Deluxe

The Reddit community greatly recommends the Gator Guitar Case because it is reliable and lasts long. It's known for being tough, and it has heavy-duty latches, a comfy carrying handle, and soft padding inside that holds your guitar firmly. This guitar hard case acoustic does many different things and doesn't cost too much. It's a favourite among travellers on a budget who want to ensure they are of top quality.


  • Deluxe ABS-made exterior
  • Heavy-duty aluminium cover
  • Handle with a through bolt for extra strength
  • EPS foam padding on the inside and a soft, thick lining

Calton Acoustic Guitar Case

If you want to protect your guitar in a way that fits perfectly, you should get a Calton case. Much care goes into making these cases so they fit your guitar perfectly. Calton bags are also known for being very strong and durable, able to handle even the roughest journey circumstances. You can pick out different colours and features during the customization process, which makes them a top choice for serious artists who only want the best.


  • The protective fiberglass shell
  • Sustains indoor humidity for 72 hours despite 40% external humidity changes.
  • Moderate internal temperature rise or reduction for 90 minutes after an initial temperature change 
  • Sturdy steel latches

Hoffee Guitar Case

The carbon fibre composition of Hoffee Guitar Cases makes them very strong and lightweight. Although significant, these bags offer excellent safety and are perfect for flying. Use a carbon fibre case to keep your guitar in pristine condition while in the air. The material is sturdy and won't warp or crack under extreme weather conditions. 


  • Hand-crafted with carbon fibre cases 
  • Premium parts and materials 
  • Solid yet lightweight 

Karura Carbon Fiber Guitar Case

The Karura Guitar Case combines top-notch protection with an elegant design, making it ideal for musicians who prioritize style and security.


  • Lightweight yet durable carbon fibre material.
  • Custom-fit interior
  • High-quality latches and hinges for secure closure.
  • Storage space for accessories such as picks, cables, and straps.
  • Ergonomic handles and adjustable shoulder straps 

Visesnut Guitar Case 

The Visesnut Guitar Case combines a user-friendly design with advanced protection features, ensuring hassle-free transport and peace of mind for musicians on the go.


  • Patented one-handed operation for easy opening and closing.
  • The shock-absorption system protects the guitar from impact.
  • Lightweight yet durable aerospace-grade materials.
  • Customizable interior padding for a snug fit.
  • TSA-approved locks for added security during travel

Fender Guitar Case 

Fender's Electric Guitar Travel Case offers dependable protection and convenience for travelling musicians, ensuring their instruments arrive safely at their destination.


  • Rugged ABS plastic or wood construction for durability.
  • Plush foam padding and soft lining for instrument protection.
  • Secure latches and hinges for reliable closure.
  • Available in various sizes to fit different Fender electric guitar models.
  • Spacious interior compartment for accessories.

Guitar case for flying (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Take A Guitar Case On A Plane?

Your guitar can go on the plane with you as long as specific requirements are satisfied. The regulations regarding the carriage of musical instruments vary from one airline to another. Call your airline in advance to ensure your guitar makes it to your destination unscathed.

How Do I Protect My Guitar On A Plane?
  • Use a sturdy hardshell case or a well-padded gig bag.
  • Loosen the guitar strings to reduce tension during flight.
  • Place fragile items like picks and capos in a separate compartment.
  • Add extra padding around the headstock and body.
  • Avoid checking the guitar as luggage; carry it on board if possible.
  • Communicate with airline staff for special handling if needed.

Protecting your instrument is the best way to keep it pristine and preserve its tone. It can be a robust hardshell case or a gig bag with plenty of padding. Have fun, and have a safe journey!

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