10 Different Types of Steel Coated Legs

In this article you will discover the different types of industrial steel coated legs, what they look like and what they are used for so that you can easily choose which ones are right for you. The type of leg you need will depend on style, and how tall you want your furniture. All of these legs are made from the same material: Iron metal with powder coated steel and they are strong. There more than 10 different types of steel coated legs to choose from.

1. Iron hammered cone legs

Iron hammered cone legs

This type of legs are commonly used for sofas, armchairs and dinner chairs. They are the most minimalistic leg option for your industrial furniture.

2. Two or three prong hairpin legs

Two or three prong hairpin legs

Hairpin legs have been trending for a while, they come with two or three prongs depending on your preference. Modern industrial furniture include hairpin legs and despite the fact that they are very narrow, they are able to withstand a lot of pressure and weight. They are great for any type of table or office desk, sometimes they are even put on other pieces of furniture such as chairs. As these are our favourite types of legs, we decided to put them on our Jojari mango wood coffee table. 

3. Square legs

Square legs

Square legs are a statement piece that tend to be more expensive than hairpin and cone legs and you only get two but the reason they are more expensive is because they contain more metal. These legs are great for a coffee table or for a large meeting table.

4. Trapezium legs

Trapezium legs

Trapezium legs are similar to the square legs but adopt the trapezium shape, the price is approximately the same, and they look the best on benches and dinner tables. 

5. A Frame legs

legs that adopt the A-frame design are similar to the trapezium legs but the main difference between them is the bottom bar is slightly higher making it not touch the floor, this means that both bars point downwards making it resemble a capital 'A'.

6. Spider frame legs

spider shaped industrial steel legs

The spider frame got its name from the spider because it has overall 8 legs. Four legs attach to the tabletop and four are legs. These types of legs can be narrow or wide depending on the style you want and resemble more of three-dimensional X as opposed to being a spider.  

7. Diamond frame legs

Diamond frame industrial legs

The diamond frame is actually more of two triangles that together have the shape of a sand timer, the reason its called a diamond frame is because the triangles slightly overlap which creates a small diamond shape in the centre. 

8. V Frame Legs

v frame industrial legs

9. Butterfly legs

Butterfly shaped legs

These legs are typically in the x shape with the only difference being that instead of one bar to make the shape it has two bars making it look more like a butterfly wing.

10. X-frame legs

 x shaped steel frame legs

For some people x marks the spot and so if these legs are what you like they will be perfect for your treasured tabletop. There are plenty more unusual looking legs including tree legs, splayed legs, U-shaped, Y-shaped, virro legs, idyll legs, Malmo legs, and some companies will even produce custom ones for you. If you want to customise our furniture for your order, feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will let you know if its possible.

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