Fireworks vs dogs (the debate)

Should people doing fireworks be mindful of dogs? Firework night happens every year, and whilst some people happily take part in this event others don’t. This is because of what it does to their animals.

For the dog argument

There have been many reports of dogs more specifically that have died from the distress caused by fireworks. You can imagine that for an animal a firework featuring bright lights, colours and loud noises would be worrisome.

Many complaints about how their dog is unhappy during firework night and for up to one week after as the fireworks continue. Some suggest that fireworks should be made illegal unless on the correct night or that you must possess some type of license in order to set them off in a controlled environment.

For the firework argument

On the other side of the argument for people who genuinely want to have fun, and live as they are supposed to in the one life that they have. They want to celebrate with their friends and family, setting off fireworks not just because it’s firework night but because it is an enjoyable thing to do.

It’s doubtful that those people are doing it to distress those with dogs on purpose. It could also be said that maybe this is another reason why humans should not have domesticated dogs in the first place. Sure dogs make loyal pets, but they are animals that can be found in the wild and at least their they are not disturbed by fireworks.

Why do people do fireworks after firework night?

A common argument is that fireworks after firework night become cheaper. For that reason, it gives you more of a reason to celebrate afterwards instead, even though people may be aware that dogs get distressed from fireworks. It’s possible that people who do not own a dog are getting fed up with those that do. Whilst this assumption could be based on a stereotype or a judgemental thing to point out.

There is some evidence to suggest this, for example, all over the internet on social media you will be able to find complaints upon complaints about the many owners who do not pick up their dogs’ poo from the streets.

We as a community, as parents, ourselves and our children step in the poo and this causes a lot of problems for us, not only because it goes on our shoes but because it smells bad, it gets in the way of our path, and sometimes it ends up in our homes on our carpets. It seems to be like a kind of war between those who have a dog and those who don’t. With the argument being based on fireworks each year and faeces year-round.

What can we do about the firework problem?

Last year in 2018 we saw countries such as Italy and some other European based countries celebrate firework night with silent fireworks. They did this as a way of respecting not just their dogs but their farmland animals. This would likely be a solution to keep the peace. Although, it’s questionable whether a silent firework is still the same.

Are we drawn to just the bright colours or is it the sound and the loud bang that brings us excitement? After all, fireworks go off at the end of each year as part of a celebration, and the famous term let’s start this year with a bang comes to mind. Comparing new health and safety rules to the old days has reduced a lot of fun in many ways, dog owners, please don’t take fireworks as well! Maybe this next year, we should just celebrate with sparklers.

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