Black Smoke Fire at Goldstone House, Hove

The Goldstone house tower block on Clarendon Road, at around 10.26pm had to be evacuated because of a fire. We heard loud sirens and checked what was going on.

There were reports of a fire on the ground floor, but the smoke-filled several parts of the block of flats after a tumble dryer set on fire.

The fire and rescue services were quickly on the scene wearing masks in preparation to enter the building. In total there were 8 fire engines, police, and ambulances at the ready. People along the road gathered around watching in fear of the fire spreading and people getting hurt.

The road was completely blocked with vehicles, and some fire engines from West Sussex had to be called in for backup due to the lack of fire services in the Brighton area. I was around the area at that time and got closer to take a look. What I could see was black smoke exiting a second-floor flat and tons of firefighters all getting ready with the hoses.

FIREFIGHTERS were called to the fire at a tower block of flats. 

fire service at goldstone house

Due to the road being blocked, the firefighters exited their vehicles and ran along the road communicating to each other dragging protective equipment. Finally, I want to thank them all for their quick response in keeping us safe in a possible devastating emergency.

"All people were accounted for," a spokeswoman for the service said, but this was a frightening night for the people of Hove, and we hope that everyone can safely enter back into their homes without any more disruptions.

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