how to make a coconut bowl

There are many different ways to make coconut bowls and each way depends on the tools that you have available. Assuming that you have these basic tools, lets proceed. If you don't want to make your own or do not have the tools to make it. You can buy high quality coconut bowls here.

Remove outer husk

Start by removing the husk from your coconut, you can use a chisel for this. Carefully scrape away chunks of the outer husk to reveal the shell. Then using  an 80 grit sandpaper remove excess husk from the outer shell.

Drain coconut water

Using either a coconut opener tool, screwdriver or drill, carefully go through the coconut carpels so that you can drain the coconut water inside.

Flatten the base of the bowl

On the side without the holes you will need to slightly flatten the coconut shell to be the base of your bowl, this is necessary to prevent the bowl from moving around. This can be achieved easy with a belt sander or if you haven’t got one you could do it with some regular sandpaper, however it may take longer to do.

Draw the bowl

drawing coconut bowl shape

Next you will want to mark out your bowl with a pen. Many coconut bowl makers use a homemade tool that features a pen taped to a block of wood, to get the perfect bowl you simply spin the shell on a flat surface. 

Cutting the bowl

To cut the shell into the shape of a coconut bowl, the best way to do this is by placing a Dremel multi tool into a table vice. Using cut resistant safety gloves carefully spin the coconut bowl over the multi speed blade to cut along the line.

Remove the coconut meat

Carefully pry open the shell, scrape out all the coconut meat using a hand coconut grater or blunt butter knife. 

Clean, dry and sand

Once it’s all removed you will want to clean it, dry it and then sand the inside, outside and edges of the coconut bowl with an 80 grit sandpaper, then 240 grit, then finally 400 grit, the coconut bowl will become darker.

Finishing the coconut bowl

For a perfect finish, using a clean cloth rub the bowl with a little food grade mineral oil, leave it for 20 minutes between coats, and apply 3-4 coats before using.


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