coconut counting pieces

These natural coconut pieces are awesome, and can be used for all sorts of arts and craft. They are suitable for jewellery making, and make great counting pieces for children learning to count. If they are being made for children, you should make them larger to avoid them being a choking hazard.

On top of that, making these reduces waste as the shell is normally discarded. This is such a shame though because it is a fantastic material that can be made into so many things. I have even made a few natural coconut guitar picks and they work extremely well. Each coconut shell piece is completely unique due to it being made from natural produce and because of the way that we process it.

How to make coconut counting pieces (Video)


  1. To start, grab your coconut and drill through the carpels and drain the coconut water into a cup. Your welcome to drink it!
  2. Once it is drained, you will need to cut the end off with a handsaw so that you can scoop out all of the coconut meat. I find it easiest using a blunt butter knife.
  3. Using a hammer, smash the shell into small pieces or a size that is relevant to your project.
  4. After breaking the shell into small pieces, you will be left with coconut pieces that are slightly sharp. You will want to round off all sharp edges using sandpaper and you can also sand the interior and exterior of the shell.
  5. The final thing to do to finish them would be to rub them with a little coconut oil if you have some. This will help protect them making them slightly scratch resistant and will also add a glow like sheen finish to each one.

coconut counting pieces

If you don’t want to make your own but want to get creating, you can buy a pack here, and they even come with a cotton bag pouch! We offer them in their natural form which is a simplistic matt finish, or oiled up for a more satin look.


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