How to soothe a teething baby?

How To Soothe A Teething Baby? Between 3-6 months, your baby will begin the process of teething; unfortunately, every baby will go through it. Experts believe that, if it happened to us now as adults, we wouldn’t be able to deal with the pain. As a parent, teething will and is one of the most challenging parts of having a baby. You will lose sleep; your baby will cry most of the time uncontrollably, but some things will help you through this tough time of parenthood.

Soothing teething with a frozen banana

When your little one is above 6 months old you can introduce solids when weaning, frozen banana is a pleasure to give your teething baby, it cools and soothes their sore little gums, it tastes great and very nutritious for them all at the same time.

Does a dummy help with teething?

Most babies will benefit immensely from using a dummy, it gives them comfort, they can chew on it when they’re in pain and they can calm their crying easier having something to suckle on. Putting their dummy in the fridge or freezer can also be beneficial as anything cold helps their little gums.


mum and baby cuddle

Everyone needs a cuddle when they’re feeling sad, your baby will undoubtedly require more cuddles than usual, this is because they are in pain and don’t know what is happening, so comfort them as much as you possibly can, they may need a cuddly toy and a comfort blanket. Here are 4 over the counter teething remedies that could help your baby.

1. Teething Granules

Teetha teething granules with chamomile

Teething granules are a natural way to help your baby, they are made from natural chamomile herb and thus reduce inflammation and soothe pain whilst also making your baby feel very calm. These come in single use sachets and are very convenient for when baby is suffering from teething.

Being a mum with a teething baby can be challenging. With constant crying and not knowing when it will end. Teething can go on for around 18 months before any teeth show their faces. However nelsons teething granules help to calm and soothe you and your poor teething baby. 40 Sachets included in each box which means you will have plenty of relief for when you need them. As they are so small you can fit them easily in your purse when on the move, pocket and will always be there to help your little one through the pain. 

How to use teething granules?

Simply open your ready made sugar free granules into your babies mouth or rub directly onto their gums for instant relief. The active natural ingredient is chamomile acts as herbal homeopathic medicine. If possible apply it when your baby is content after a bottle otherwise they may confuse the granules for food. 

What age can I use them for my baby?

The granules are suitable from birth and for all ages unless they have a sensitivity to dairy as it does contain lactose.This means if your baby is an early teether (some can start as early as newborn) this is unlikely but not impossible, my daughter started at 3 months.

Where can I get teething granules?

Nelsons teething granules are found at most leading stores such as Tesco, Asda, boots however we have found that they are most competitively priced online with free UK delivery on orders over £20. The other alternative to the granules is the gel but the big question, do any of them work? From our own experience and reviews yes they definitely do work. Although different teething solutions work better for some than others. Plain Calpol also does the trick but takes longer to work. 

2. Bonjela soothing teething gel

Bonjela teething gel

Bonjela is amazing when it comes to teething, it has the ability to make the babies gums go numb. This is probably the fastest way to ease the pain and get a good night sleep. Bonjela comes in a tube and can be stored in the fridge to soothe babies gums even more. To apply, use a clean finger and gently rub your baby’s gums.

3. Calpol

Calpol 12 sachets

Calpol is beneficial as your baby can come down with a fever and feel under the weather when teething. These convenient sachets hold the perfect amount for each use, and will reduce pain and fever. Calpol’s sugar free infant suspension sachets are suitable from 2+ months and contain paracetamol. You should follow the individual instructions for use and do not overuse the sachets as it will have harmful side effects.

Another remedy that is used is clove oil, although due to its potency and its ability to be dangerous when ingested, we highly advise not to use it to protect baby. Some alternative medicines are made with diluted clove oil, however we don’t trust their safety for babies under two years old. 

Feeding on demand

If you are breastfeeding your baby, they may want to feed more, as they get comfort from the warmth of your skin and they may not be interested in eating (if they are weaned) But breast milk will help them with the pain as they can focus on the suckling and they may also chew a little.

The distraction technique

Distraction is key, keep your little one entertained with their favourite movie, teething toy, food or playing with some toys together. Your baby may not always want to play as they are in discomfort but try to keep them happy. Stay calm, your baby will get through this and eventually they will have a beautiful set of teeth instead of being all gums, expect there to be dribble so don’t forget to wipe it down with a muslin cloth as they might get sore under their neck. Good luck mums and dads, it is tough but it’s not forever.

Most popular teething toys and soothers

Giraffe Teether Toy Rattle

giraffe teether toy rattle

The Giraffe Teether Toy Rattle is a perfect addition to your baby’s toy collection during their teething period. Teething is an essential stage in your baby’s life. But one that will cause both them and you a lot of pain. The pain they experience will cause them to cry, keeping you from sleeping and completing daily activities. Our toy rattle can help relieve your baby’s pain. As well as provide your baby with entertainment through the rattle which can be shaken and played with.

Making use of rings, shapes and different textures. The giraffe teether toy works as a fantastic toy for your baby due to its practical use. The toy itself is soft and can be used to snuggle for comfort and can also be played with to keep your baby occupied for hours at a time. It has a range of benefits for both you and your baby in the short run. It will keep your baby occupied, allowing you to complete any jobs that need to be done around the house.

By using the teething toy your baby can alleviate the pain they are feeling by biting down on the toy itself. This will provide them with some comfort, whilst at the same time preventing them from crying. A second benefit is that your child will be chewing a surface that is clean. This prevents them from chewing their own clothing, as well as objects around them that are dirty and full of bacteria. Therefore, preventing your baby from catching any colds from chewing dirty objects. 

Colourful lion teething toy

Colourful lion teething toy

This Colourful Lion Teething Pram Toy is a great way to provide your infant with a distraction whilst they’re in the pram. Carefully designed for babies, this colourful lion toy can be clipped to the pram to keep it safe, whilst keeping your little one entertained as you go about your day. The toy itself is made entirely of non-toxic material, with many shapes and textures for your toddler to explore during their journeys. Once your baby is tired of the toy, it will simply remain clipped to your stroller until they want to use it again. 

It’s a great way to spark imagination from an early age due to the many colours and textures available. Your little one can quickly learn what textures they like and which they dislike with several baby safe options to choose from. As well as being attached to a pram, you can also attach your Colourful Lion Teething Pram Toy to a car seat, bed or any other location your baby may be. This cuddly teddy will always be fun to play with and will ensure they never get bored. The toy is available in the UK and via Amazon at a great price for your little one to enjoy. 

Freddie the firefly

 freddie firefly teething toy

The Lamaze freddie the firefly toy is a must have as your babies first ever toy, it is the ultimate sensory toy that doesn’t over stimulate or stress out the baby. A new baby as in a few days old won’t take too much attention as they just want milk, sleep and lots of cuddles but as your munchkin grows up, and they do, very fast. You will want this as their first toy. As they begin to grow and develop, your little one will want more forms of stimulation. They will begin to grab objects around the home, often trying to eat them in order to understand the object. This is where your Lamaze Freddie the firefly toy can help. 

You can place your baby into their high chair when they’re ready and sitting up, and they can play with this toy whilst you make them their breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner. It will keep them entertained with all of the sensory feels and sounds your little one will be happy for hours. This is perfect for times when you need to focus on a particular activity, such as cooking or watching food on the hob. Your baby will be so entertained, that you will no longer have to worry about them!

If you have a cot mobile this rattle toy can be connected to that to develop happiness and connectedness before bed and when they wake up. They will play with their toy until they are bored or want something else from you. For more active days you can attach this to your babies play mat or exercise gym to keep them entertained while you have some well deserved sit down ‘me time’. After all, looking after your little one can be extremely exhausting at times.


Nuby Icybite Teething Keys

Nuby icebite teething keys

This Nuby rattle teething toy is amazing. They are key-shaped and can be used as a general toy for your small child. They are designed to relieve pain for your child for when they are teething. Inside each key is a gel, and when you place the keys in the fridge it becomes very cool. This helps your child by numbing their sore gums, resulting in making them feel better. The teething nubs also have a textured surface which can in turn help massage the gums. What a great price too, for just three pounds you can literally stop your child from screaming at you.

It is horrible seeing your baby in pain, it’s even worse because they don’t understand why they are feeling it. It can be a long process. In my opinion, anything that can help reduce their pain will make both yours and their lives much easier. To provide extra credibility this product won the gold ‘Made for mums award’ of 2018, as well as the bronze winner for practical parenting (as the best baby toy.) They are also BPA free. Nuby was founded in 1970 and is loved worldwide across over 155 countries.

Your child of around three months will be able to hold these keys with a firm grip. For cleaning you should not use a steriliser but instead should wash them with hot soapy water, rinsing thoroughly. It is also recommended to use sterilising wipes. Because they are so cheap, you could get a few different types so that you are ready for when they reach their next milestones in regards to teething. Other options include teething beads on a loop, twisting teething toys, as well as small soft colourful mats that have teething edges.

There are so many different types of teething toys on the market, and realistically there is not much difference between cheap or expensive ones. I had these keys for my son and daughter, and I found that when they were accompanied by some Bonjela teething gel, it made the experience a lot less stressful.

In this difficult time when your little one is teething, you need as many tools up your belt as possible. I remember when both my kids went through the pain and I can say that it was definitely a difficult stage. Luckily enough, they do get through it and certain items will help make it a little easier.

Teething Mitten

teething mitten by Nuby

This teething mitten works wonders, its soft silicone edge will help baby by stimulating the gums and will reduce soreness. It’s good for all babies that are 3 months+, and it comes with many benefits. This specific product is superior in comparison to other teething toys because all of them can be dropped by baby. Due to the simplistic design of the glove teether, baby can easily put the gloves edge in their mouth without the worry of them dropping it. This product will soothe your infant. The glove comes in a variation of colours and is made by a Nuby, which is a number 1 teething brand. Size: 30mm x 75mm x 100mm. The product comes with FREE UK Shipping on orders over £20.00.

Cactus toothbrush teething toy

Cactus toothbrush teething toy

This quirky cactus toothbrush is here to support your 3 month old baby. This BPA free green toothbrush promotes oral hygiene and relieves teething discomfort. Whilst it is funny to look at, the highest grade food safe silicone is soft and overall, it will help maintain good teeth health. Suitable for boys and girls, it makes a wonderful gift for an infant.

Teething is a difficult time for baby and parent, and it’s the little things that help us get through it. Teething toys definitely make the experience more bearable. Due to the attractiveness of the toothbrush, babies will want to play with it and whilst your little one holds it in their hand, they will subconsciously know how to help themselves. The teething toothbrush is freezer safe, machine washable, and comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee, so purchase with confidence. Absolutely, risk free.

Teething toy soother set

Teething toy soother set

As your little one begins to grow, they will also begin the teething process. This process can be both painful for them and stressful for you. (Trust us when we say the crying doesn’t stop!). To help you both through this process, our Teething Toy Soother Set is the ideal solution. The set itself is made up of 4 unique colourful toys including a giraffe and banana shaped toy. Ideal for babies in distress, it will help to soothe their mouth and reduce the pain and discomfort they experience. 

Each toy is made up of 100% food grade silicone, and makes use of a soft texture. With 3 fruit designs and a giraffe, it is the perfect gift for any baby providing them with pain relief during their teething phase. Whether your little one is good or bad, the teething process will certainly make them upset at one point or another until they become toddlers and their teeth have all come through. Once used, each toy should be placed in the fridge where it can be left to cool until it needs to be used again. Available for a great price, you can use each toy as many times as needed with their flexible design withstanding the pressure they will go through.

Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks

Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks

When my children were younger, they had these soft building blocks. They loved to build them up and then knock them down. It can be used for young ones as young as 4-6 months to chew on when they are teething.  They can also be used on children older, it helps them learn letters, colors, and numbers. As well as different textures for sound and touch.

They are soft to touch so can be thrown around without the risk of breaking things in their way. Each block contains a picture of an animal or character to make it more fun for your baby. Which means they learn animals as well. The blocks contain rattles to grab your little ones’ attention, great for distraction and they can squeeze them when they feel frustrated without hurting anyone.

I would personally take them out with me when I had younger babies, they can be a lot of fun in the car, on the bus or if you want to prop them down on the sofa/floor to play independently for hours! They have different textures such as irritable satin and crinkly fabrics that you can’t resist even when your an adult. they can be used as a chew toy for teethers and maybe even a stress toy for us adult. These are soft, safe and fun. Machine washable which is always handy with grubby hands.

These encourage good hand-eye coordination and helps them develop their grasping and griping skills. Which they will always need in life. No sharp edges, easy and fun to play with alone or together with other children/adults. I would definitely recommend these to all parents and even baby group runners as these are great for groups of babies playing on the floor whilst mums have a good old chat.

Soft Squeeze Building Blocks

 Soft Squeeze Building Blocks

These soft texture building blocks feature numbers animals and various shapes on them. They are lightweight, non toxic and are suitable for babies 6 months plus. This educational toy makes a squeaking sound when squeezed. Each block is soft and chewable which is perfect for teething babies. Let your little one stack the blocks into a tower, it will help develop their sense of touch and vision. As they are made from vinyl, it is easy to wipe clean, and the rubber material will ensure babies safety. 

Silicone Baby Teething Necklace For Mum

Silicone Baby Teething Necklace For Mum

Do you tire of your little one grabbing hold of your necklace constantly? are they always putting your top or necklace in their mouth? Knowing how much bacteria they have on them you wouldn’t want them to carry on would you? Why not opt for the super amazing silicone teething necklace, for mums or dads of course! It is stylish and not harmful to your babies health. The great thing about it is it won’t hurt or affect the growth of their baby teeth nor will it upset their little hard gums.

Its not only made for babies though, of course you can add it to your outfit for additional accessories, it has beautiful features with pink ball shaped charms and marble affect cubes. It would go perfectly with a white, black or grey dress/top and its also lightweight and comfortable, no metal to irritate your skin or get caught in your hair, no one likes getting jewellery stuck in their hair right?

So these are an awesome option for a busy on the go mum who can’t carry around all of the teething toys in the world, they are safe to chew on just don’t leave baby unattended with the necklace.

These beads are proven to soothe a baby’s gums, or if you are a breastfeeding momma it helps to maintain focus on breastfeeding as they can lay in your arms comfortably and twiddle with the charms from the comfort of your arms and breast. There is a strong satin cord tied at the ends of the beads to ensure they stay in one place and won’t come out in your baby’s mouth while they chew. super easy to clean just wash them in warm soapy water like you would a bottle, dummy or cup.

Baby Shusher (The Sleep Miracle)

shusher sleep aid

In my opinion this is the perfect product for a working from home new mum who wants no struggle when it comes to bed time. For many parents, bed time can be a nightmare. It is common for young babies to cry for their parents when they have been left alone, especially during their first few months. In order to get the best results, It is recommended that you use the baby Shusher when your little one is well fed, burped and has a clean nappy. During this period, your little one is more likely to feel sleepy and well rested, which is the best time to put them to bed. 

The baby Shusher can be used from newborn and up, you will need AA battery which are usually included. It comes with a built in timer, volume control and much more. The noise that comes from this baby shusher is a noise made from real human voice to make baby feel comfortable and safe with a quiet calming sound to sooth them to sleep or calm them from a session of crying.

We understand the difficulties of your baby crying, especially after a long day. Whilst you cannot stop your baby from crying entirely, this baby shusher can certainly help to reduce the amount of noise they make. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your baby is comfortable and relaxed whilst they sleep. 

Shusher reviews

The product reviews for the Shusher, clearly show that no one can complain, Most said it was a “brilliant sleep aid” and “a must have for all parents”. From these reviews and our own personal experience, it can be said that this shusher is a definite must-have for new parents and those who are struggling to get their baby to sleep. You can’t go wrong.

Ollie The Owl Night Light With Sound

Ollie The Owl Night Light With Sound

Night lights are a fantastic tool for soothing your baby and can help them get to sleep. This owl teddy has a light that provides comfort for 30 minutes, the owl also plays 4 soothing ambient sounds for 20 minutes. The sound is adjustable in volume from high, mid or low to suit your babies needs. Sounds that are played vary from heartbeat, rainfall, white noise and lullaby. 

This friendly owl will be your little ones buddy at night, it’s velcro strap can be attached to a buggy, cot, moses basket or car seat. It’s super soft and cuddly, and has an intelligent built in cry sensor which if it hears baby crying it will start playing music again and turn the light back on. I personally love how the bird the designers chose for this night light is an owl, it works so well simply due to the fact that owls are nocturnal. This means that they are active during the night, which in turn as an owl night light, it means that the owl watches over your little one during the night and plays sounds to help them fall asleep.

Just because it is a night light, that doesn’t mean that it is only suited to night time. Your child can definitely play with this little toy during the day, it’s such an inviting plush teddy bear. The owls spirit animal symbolism represents wisdom, knowledge, darkness, renewal and perhaps this night light could bring your child some wisdom whilst they sleep. Whilst it is believed that owls don’t see many colours, they are known to have very good night vision. This particular product has over 1300 positive reviews online and is considered one of the best baby night lights on the market. It also comes with a FREE UK delivery.

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