misti doi recipe

Classic Bengali sweet yoghurt dish that is popular in Bangladesh, it has a sweet creamy caramel flavour and is typically served in an Indian mud pot called a Kulad. This dessert originated in the Bogar district. The terms misti means wheat, doi means curd. There are many steps and different ways of making this dessert but i found this one was the easiest and most successful ways.  


  • Sugar (50g)
  • Milk (475 ml)
  • Yoghurt (245 g)
  • Extra milk (120ml)


    1. Begin with your yoghurt, pour into a cheese cloth or milk cloth and tighten around the top, hang over a strainer to strain some water for one hour. 
    2. Pour the 475 mill of milk into a large pan, boil and stir until it reduces to 400ml, turn down to a low heat. In another pan put the sugar in and slowly heat and continuously stir until it melts into a caramel consistency, heat the extra 120ml of milk in another pan and add to the melted sugar immediately stirring continuously until well combined. 
    3. Add the caramelized milk & sugar to the 400ml of heated milk and stir until all combined well with no sugar lumps. Take off the heat and allow to cool to luke warm temperature. 
    4. Remove the strained yoghurt from the cloth and whisk until light and fluffy, add some of the caramelized milk to the mixture and whisk, once mixed well add the rest of the luke warm mixture to the yoghurt. 
    5. Pour into a clay pan/dish, cover with a tea towel or foil and leave in a warm dry place for 6 hours, it will be set and ready to eat after 6 hours however people do tend to refrigerate after the 6 hours as well. Top with optional  pistachio or almond nuts for an authentic Indian dessert.

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