Popular kids toys for the garden

Playing in the garden as a child is so much fun, and today we are going to discuss some great kids’ toys for the garden.

1. Swingball


I remember playing for hours with the likes of swing ball, an old fashioned game that you fill with water to keep it sturdy. There is string dangling from the top base and a tennis-style ball is attached to the bottom of the string. The way to play is by hitting the ball one way with a bat, it then swings around the unit and you have to hit it back the other way. This game provides tons of entertainment, it can be played solo or in a duo, you will need quite a bit of space to play it properly as the ball can swing quite far. This type of game develops your child’s gross motor skills in their upper limbs.

2. Trampoline


If you have quite a lot of room in your garden a trampoline is a great choice. The great thing about trampolines is that they are extremely fun and are a good way to exercise. If you have a trampoline it is likely that your kids friends will want to come round to play together, the only thing is that it is weather permitting and will also need supervision as it can be quite dangerous without a net or if your children decide that they are going to start doing flips which I used to do.

3. Sand and water tray

 sand and water tray

Most nurseries have a sand and water tray and for good reason. It helps children to better understand the world around them as they explore new textures. It is very experimental to be able to play with dry sand and plain water. When you mix them together is when it really starts to get interesting. The sand then becomes heavier and tends to hold its shape better, allowing you to make sandcastles, etc.

These sand and water trays can provide a lot of entertainment for your child and are best stored in the garden. When you are finished playing it should be covered over to stop the sand blowing in the wind! This is made from premium FSC timber.

These trays are commonly found in nurseries and schools alike and are suitable for ages 1-year plus. They are very popular because they encourage sensory development due to the different textures of water and sand. It helps strengthen your child’s palmar grip when using a cup to pour water into a sand bucket. 

4. Twisty droppers set

Twisty droppers set

These fun twisty droppers come in a set of four and are loved by kids. They encourage water play which is a type of open activity in which children can discover and explore outcomes when experimenting with water. It usually involves observing objects as they sink, float, and develops problem solving as they start to learn how and why things happen the way that they do. With these droppers they will be able pick up water and experiment dropping it from various heights to create different sounds and ripples throughout the water.

These can provide hours of fun and valuable learning experiences for a child whilst also improving their imaginations. Our environments teach us. Water play is both fun and educational. Water play is a great introduction to simple science and will help your little one develop a subconscious understanding of the world. These make a fantastic birthday or christmas gift for any toddler. They pair perfectly as a water toy with the sand and water table. 

5. Park apparatus

park swing set

This general term covers activity equipment that you would usually find in a public park such as a climbing frame, slides, seesaws, and more. If you have enough space within your garden for these types of equipment, it can offer endless hours of fun and also means that they can play outside in the garden whilst you are still near the comfort of your own home.

You should buy this climbing frame set, firstly if you can fit it in your garden. As it is rather large and will need a big area. Kids will love it, it has been quality and safety tested, pressure-treated solid wood for longer-lasting use. There is something for all to use, there is even a sandpit built underneath for little ones. A rock-climbing part to develop their gross motor skills and upper body strength. This climbing frame comes with super easy to put together instructions, so you don’t need to take a whole day to figure out what goes where! the slide is a great height, even bigger kids or adults can enjoy it! It comes with a set of two swings so more than one child can be using this climbing frame at a time.

It will keep the little ones entertained for hours, especially when summertime comes, you can enjoy a hot cuppa or coffee in the morning whilst watching your gorgeous creations playing nicely and wearing themselves out so you can get some well deserved and needed ME time. Your children can create a great role play game with the steering wheel and weather flag by pretending they are steering a large pirate ship. Let their imaginations run wild.

If I had a garden big enough I would definitely get this climbing frame, the wood is sustainable for all weathers and its rather large so we could invite friends round for them to join in. climbing frames include dexterity to help their fine and gross motor skills using grip and grasp to climb up the climbing wall. The sand will encourage them using their senses using touch and see to feel for sand grains. This climbing frame set is perfect for any parent that is looking to build a park at home

6. Scooter

scooter toy

Choose this for lots of fun for around the home, out and about or in the garden! Depending on your garden type, of course, your child could scoot down the hill and back up, they come in handy for the school run also, they may be able to keep it at the school for play time. It will simply keep them entertained for hours on end!

Your children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews will love the super cool flashing heavy-duty wheels that flash and change colours during the ride. The big stable wheels contribute to a safe smooth journey during use. They can use this scooter indoors, outdoors, on the grass on the pavements and much more!

Every child at some point in their lives will enjoy using a scooter. It is great for their confidence, letting them go further and faster every time. They will develop a great understanding of balancing, learning how to stop the scooter as they go down small and larger slopes for extra fun. Children will get to spend more time outside in the fresh air making friends and being active instead of sitting indoors watching tv or playing computer games.

My 2, nearly 3 years old son loves a scooter, only the other day we were all sitting having a delicious pub roast dinner but as everyone knows children don’t like to sit still… he wandered off (we were in a secure garden with a locked gate) with his sister and found some scooters to play on, whats better was there were other children playing too! he spent a good 3 hours going up and down a slope on this scooter and he never once complained! since then I am definitely getting him a scooter for his birthday!

7. Bicycle

first riders bike

Everyone should learn the skill to ride a bike, it is one of the essentials. There are so many tricks your child could learn and once they learn how to ride they never forget. It is a great new hobby to have instead of being inside they can be out in the fresh air and keeping fit. 

This fabulous children’s bike with stabilisers is the ideal birthday or Christmas gift, the stabilisers are heavy-duty, removable and adjustable. Which means you can ensure a safe first ride for your little one! The handlebar is completely adjustable for height, as is the seat. It also has caliper front and back rear band breaks.

The 12″ bike is suitable for ages 2.5 years to 5 years, the 14″ is suitable for 3.5 years old – 6 years old and the  16″ is made for 5-8 years. There is a bike suitable for all ages if your looking for a bike for older just have a good look around the internet there’s always an answer!

Your child will love this bike, children learn how to ride at different ages so don’t rush it if your child doesn’t feel ready. Getting your child into cycling whilst they are young will build up their confidence and self-esteem. They will become more and more independent the more you take them out to ride it.

Cycling promotes being healthy from a young age, the cardio exercise is good for the heart and helps develop their gross motor skills using the leg motions. Being out on a bike is a sense of freedom, even as an adult. It can help prevent mental health disorders as you will develop endorphins whilst riding outside in the fresh air. You can get to know your local neighbourhood, learn road safety as they grow up and general knowledge.

Having your child ride a bike creates good leg muscle and will most certainly strengthen their bones! Eventually, when you and your child both feel ready you can remove the stabilisers and they can independently ride with you watching of course. Then before you know it you and your little one can go on bike rides together.

8. Football

mitre football

Great for burning energy and for improving your child’s gross motor skills. Get the whole family involved in this competitive sport. There are multiple games they can play such as; catch, pass, and if you fancy it-penalty shootouts. 

Who doesn’t love going to the park or a field for a good kick around? Not only is playing football really fun, but it is also always a great way to keep fit and healthy! I personally have never really been into watching football on TV, however, playing it in real life is great. The thing that I like so much about playing football with toddlers is that you never have to stick to the traditional game. Sure you can play pass for 5-10 minutes but realistically you can do so much more with a ball. You can throw the ball to each other and let them practice their catching skills.

As children get older and are vastly approaching their teenage years. You can go out for the day to a place where they have actual nets. Taking it in turns with one of you being the goalkeeper and the other one taking the penalty shots. Things can get really competitive quickly. There are a lot of footballs on the market and these are the reasons that we recommend this ball over the others.

  •  It is fit for training purposes which means that it is a soft-touch ball and it is unlikely to hurt as much if hit by it.
  • Professional standard, being a high-quality ball is important so that you will be able to play easily. Some of the cheaper counterparts are not so good and can in some cases ruin the fun due to certain defects with the shape and strength.
  • Mitre is well known, they have been making footballs for over 200 years. They are at the top of their game which ensures reliability and a great product.
  • The ball comes with or without a pump.
  • This is the number one bestseller.

9. Bucket & Spade Set

bucket and spade set

Are you off on your first family holiday? looking for the perfect summer baby gift or just looking to add to your child’s toy collection? then why not check out this awesome bucket and spade set. This bucket and spade set comes in a reusable easy clean storage bag with a zip and handles so your child can easily out the things back. It comes with two sand castle moulds for your little one to sit on the beach with their friend, or sibling or cousin maybe and play together. There is 6 groovy animal moulds including an alligator, crocodile, turtle, bunny, dinosaur and a castle wall, to let their imaginations run wild at the beach or even a sandpit at the park! It also includes a sand sifter, watering can (to catch and store water), a small rake and a small shovel.

My children love sets like these, they have great fun for hours and what makes it better is you can use these at rock pools to catch some fish and safely keep them in their sea water without harming them. Your children could sit and build their very own sand castle on the beach or just in the park, they can add lolly pop sticks to make their very own flags and doors, using sea shells to make windows etc. It will really open up their imagination and creative development. This is a very popular product that has sold to over 116 people. Finally it is very easy to clean simply rinse with warm water to remove the sand. And afterwards dry and store in a clean dry place, ready for the next time that you want to have a great day out with the kids! I would definitely recommend this product to all parents.

10. Outdoor Explorer Kit

explorer kit

There’s a whole world out there for you and your child to explore, why not do it with your very own Outdoor Explorer Kit. This outdoor explorer kit contains a magnifying glass, binoculars, a backpack, telescope, compass, flashlight, traps, tweezer, and so much more for you both to use throughout your adventures. The 22 piece kit allows you to explore everything from the creatures in your garden, the wilderness of the woods and the depths of rock pools at the beach. No matter where you choose to go, you can explore with your kit. 

This education pack is suitable for the little adventurer that is above 8 years old and is suitable for both boys and girls who want to go out and explore the world. It is a fantastic way to slowly introduce them to the many creatures that can be found in our world. From the tiniest insects to stunning birds and larger animals, so much can be found right on our doorstep! This kit is a great birthday gift for a young explorer and can be used as a family activity throughout the summer months (or the winter if the weather is on your side!). Buy your little explorer their very own kit today and get started with your adventures!

11. Giant Bubble Making Kit

giant bubble making kit


No matter how old you are, bubbles are simply something you never grow out of. As a kid, you may remember blowing bubbles with your friends during family occasions, as well as being told off for blowing them around the house! With our giant bubble making kit, you can take your bubble creations to the next level. Carefully designed to make giant bubbles, this kit can bring excitement for both you and your child, allowing you to bond over your mutual love for bubbles themselves. 

The kit itself is easy to use, allowing you to teach your child how to use it without hassle. Once they’ve learned how to craft bubbles, they can experiment throughout the day to discover the ultimate bubble, bigger than any bubbles they have ever seen! This can also be done as a family, in which you can compete over who can make the biggest bubble, or who can catch the bubble once it has been created. As the kit itself is relatively small, you can also take it with you no matter where you go. Whether you want to take it to the park and create bubbles, or you want to relax and enjoy in your bark garden the choice is yours. 

12. Giant Bubble Making Kit By Toyland

giant bubble soloution

What child doesn’t like bubbles? They are a must have especially in the summer! The beautiful array of rainbow colours, the fun they have popping them, the excitement of chasing them around before they pop its so much fun.

The incredible thing about this creation is it creates hours and hours of fun, the size of the bubbles you can make with the tool are huge! You could purchase two and have a competition with your child to see who can really make the biggest bubbles, everyone loves a bit of competition.

How to use?

You simply get your bubble solution, pour it into the tray and dip in your bubble rod into the mixture and spin around creating large bubbles or blow them with your mouth.

This product is not suitable for children under 38 months of age, as they aren’t completely aware of how to use it and may end up drinking the solution.

You may want to purchase another bottle of ‘bubble juice’ as you want the fun to carry on and not stop, we all know how quick a bubble mixture can run out, so be prepared with some more bottles. Especially for a birthday party! However, you can try and make your own mixture that might work just as well.

Reviewers have said that it is good value for money and great fun for all the family, better if you have a smaller garden so children can catch the bubble on the rod and re use the mixture again.  It is rated a 4.4 star out of 5 star, the negative reviews are just that they didn’t have enough mixture and wanted more because it was so fun! Bubbles aren’t just for fun either, they can be used for science purposes to see how long they stay before popping, how big they can get etc.

13. Inflatable beach ball (16″)

Inflatable beach ball (16″)

You do not have to be down the beach to play with a beach ball. These inflatable balls are fun for playing catch and when young children are playing with it, it is safer because of its lightweight. Play catch with ease, even young ones can join in. 

14. Intex inflatable paddling pool

Intex inflatable paddling pool

As we are vastly approaching the season of summer, you will notice beaches, parks and swimming centres will be jam packed with families, teenagers and young children. It is almost everyones first choice when they wake up on a hot sunny day, to go to the beach or the park with a pool. With this inflatable swimming pool you can create your own beach party, from your own home.

You could even buy a sand pit for the kids to play in whilst you chill in your pool, obviously children love swimming so they will be first to jump in! There are handy little seats for up to four adults, children or teens. Due to the pool being inflatable it makes it more comfortable to lay back on, and less likely to tip as its full of water.

It comes with 2 drink holders to keep everyone hydrated, and cool. There is an easy pull plug in the floor of the pool so it is convenient for when it needs quickly draining or emptying. Bear in mind as it is a large swimming pool you will need a good pair or lungs or at least a good pump to do it for you. Dimensions of the pool are W 229.0cm x D 229cm x H 66.0cm. There are other options.

This pool can be used for an adult party in the summer evening when the children are in bed relaxing, fill it up with some hot water to make it like a hot tub (not boiling hot though). It would be complete relaxation and luxury chilling in the pool as the sun goes down. You could also of course use it as a play pool for your children to invite some friends round for a pool party. Allow some time to fill the pool as it is on the larger side.

15. Nerf strike disruptor gun

Nerf gun

Are you stuck looking for what to get a child a perfect Christmas or birthday gift? look no further! I can guarantee they won’t be disappointed when they receive it. I am 24 and still love playing with these guns, last Christmas we all got the nerf guns out there was a group of 8 adults, teens and young children running riot around the house hiding from each other to avoid being ‘shot’ with the soft bullets. It is a Christmas I will forever remember!

This gun is not specific for just boys, girls can play too and they are good at it, sometimes better than the boys. With this purchase you get 6 bullets included, or you can purchase the option to get more bullets, its just so your child doesn’t have to go around picking them up after its shot 6 times, they can continue to refill and shoot! Nerf guns make things so exciting no matter what age you are, even my 31 year old brother turns into a child and its nice to see people come out of their shells and have fun, because what is life if you can’t have fun?

Even people have left reviews about how they surprised one of their house mates with a nerf gun and now they flinch anytime something clicks as they think it’s going to start all over again. There are also reviews saying how it's a great gift and game for kids, students and even pensioners, do you have a grandparent that needs that kick up the backside to join in a game of nerf wars? this would be the perfect excuse to buy it for them! then they can’t say no, and they will love every second, memories are so important in a happy life. It is waterproof to some extent, however if to much water gets into it could affect the performance of the shots.

16. Sports Centre

 Sports Centre

If you want to introduce your child to sports from an early age then this Sports Centre Interactive Toy is the perfect gift for them. With 2 ways to play and countless role play stories to tell, your little one can spend hours at a time creating unique sports scenarios for them to enjoy. With an LED that tells the score, this interactive game will teach your little one the concept of a scoreboard with interactive buttons and sounds. Suitable for babies of 12+ months, this particular gift introduces them to a plethora of colours, shapes and numbers to explore in a fun, interactive environment. They can run around playing games with different numbers and shapes, letting their imagination run wild. There are two colours for you to choose from, allowing you to pick according to your own or your child’s preferences. 

This particular gift will promote your little one to play independently whilst you’re busy. Introduce your little one to the concepts of sports today and let them become the sports star of the future with their own interactive games. 

17. Small pop up tent 

small kids pop up tent

This colourful kids tent has a lot of space. It’s perfect for either outdoor use or to have in your child’s bedroom. The colours are gender-neutral and can be brought for both boys and girls, no limitations with colours. It is suitable for 2-3 children as well as toys, teddies, snacks and even kiddie-sized furniture (small table/chair) The benefits of a kids tent is; it creates a great development of their imagination, they can play mums and dads, pretend to cook, clean, sell in a shop just like us adults!

The mesh roof helps with ventilation, especially for hot days. As well as suitability for adults to keep an eye on their children. The tent is supported by 2 fibreglass poles, this can also help your children to learn how to pitch up a tent for when they are older on camping holidays. This tent I super easy to set up and store away, as it includes a storage bag to put away in a cupboard or under the kid’s bed to keep safe for another day. It can be set up in minutes for continuous indoor or outdoor fun! You can also purchase a tunnel that attaches to the whole in the tent, this, unfortunately, is not included. The very unique folding capability makes it easy to fold away for in the carry bag.

If my children had a garden or bedroom big enough I would definitely purchase this item. It is on my wish list for when we move as I like to read books to them and with some fairy lights around so it can be all cosy with a few quilts to get settled before bed. You can also create a great ball pool adding a bag full of them to the tent for extra play during the day.


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