Hand carved wooden train toy

Tidlo Role Play Kitchen

Tidlo Wooden Country Play Kitchen

Children love to play together in groups or alone. This role play kitchen is suitable for all ages, even older children who we may think have grown out of that stage will still love to play with it. There are many benefits of the wooden kitchen such as life skills, they learn how to pretend to make cakes or cooking dinners for you and your family. You can encourage the learning by asking them to make you a particular dish and then encourage them to tell you how they made it and what went into making it. They will grow independence and confidence for example when your child has ‘finished cooking’ or ‘washing up’ you can reward with positive behaviour saying ‘thank you’ and maybe rewarding with a sticker. Builds language and communication skills because when a group or a few children is playing together their personalities will all bounce off of each other pretending to cook, clean, wash up and bake for each other. They may even include real-life events such as baking a birthday cake, they will be communicating and talking about what ingredients they need to make a dessert.

My children both love playing with play kitchens in nurseries, playgroups and libraries, they will play for hours on end pretending to cook me all different types of tasty meals and even a cup of tea. I would recommend this as a gift for a boy or girl as it will not go unplayed with, all children enjoy these role-play toys especially ones that come with cupboards, a sink, a clock, hobs, and an oven. It also includes utensils such as a bowl, washing up liquid, and much more.

Music Instruments Bundle (13 piece)

Baby Musical Instruments bundle


Suitable for babies around the age of 6 months as well as toddlers. This musical instrument set is a perfect addition to any toy collection. Consisting of 13 high-quality instruments. Your toddler will be able to experience a wide range of new sounds and shapes, providing endless hours of fun. The instruments themselves have been designed to be as smooth as possible. Made from premium wooden material. This helps to keep your baby safe whilst they are playing. The toys themselves can not only be used for play. But as education purposes soon.

Introducing your toddler to new shapes and sounds will enhance their cognitive development. Which can assist speaking and the ability to take in new information. They can be used by the toddler themselves. But is also perfect for interacting with your toddler. Play the instruments for them to find out which is their favourite, with their smile showing when they are enjoying. They are a fantastic way to provide them with countless hours of fun, whilst also encouraging cognitive development. Through their instruments, your baby will learn new sounds as well as experience new shapes and textures, boosting their confidence when it comes to trying new things in the future.

The first benefit of this set is that your toddler will entertain themselves for hours. With so many instruments to choose from, they will have a great time experiencing a wide range of new sounds and shapes. A second benefit of the instruments is that they can enhance learning in the long term. An early introduction to musical instruments is scientifically proven to enhance cognitive development. And the ability to learn and as a result, this instrument set provides a solid foundation.

Melissa And Doug Cutting Fruit (17 Piece)

Melissa & Doug Wooden Cutting Fruit


Melissa and Doug are one of the world's favorite kids' toy brands. It could be said that this is due to the high-quality standard that they have set within their products. I have compared the branded Melissa and Doug products with their more generic counterparts. I have personally noticed a huge difference in quality myself.

This set of wooden fruit and vegetables is the ultimate bundle of kids' toys. It also comes with a wooden pretend knife so that your child can cut the fruits into segments. They can be re-attached through the little pieces of velcro. Some of the fruits include Kiwi, Orange, Bananas, Lemon, Mango, and pear.

These types of toys are great for creative imaginative play and are best paired with a toy kitchen that will expand their world of fun! For children that have siblings, they can pretend to be cooking for each other. Putting the foods away in the cupboards, or perhaps cutting fruits as a pretend snack. Whatever they decide to do, it will likely help improve their developments. In general increasing their confidence, imagination, independence, responsibility and could develop so many more skills

Wooden toys are far superior to their plastic counterparts for many reasons. Wood is a natural material that can be used to make eco-friendly products, whereas plastic-based items often are made up of a variety of chemicals that are harmful to health. Wood is biodegradable, whereas plastic is considered to be bad for the environment. This set of cutting fruit in a tray makes for a perfect gift for any child. As they cut each piece of fruit, your child's confidence, creativity, and independence will improve. Not only that, these wonderful bright pieces can be used for other activities as well for preschooler-aged children. For example, they can be used for learning to count which supports an overall early development in young kids.

The Gruffalo Jigsaw Puzzle

the gruffalo puzzle

Join the Gruffalo, snake, mouse, owl, and fox in the deep dark wood for four chunky jigsaw puzzles. Suitable for 18 months plus. This classic take on a modern puzzle was made by Ravensburger. The puzzle is based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, each puzzle has a different amount of pieces: 2, 3, 4, and 5. The pieces are made from strong cardboard. This is the perfect puzzle for a beginner problem solver, and whilst yes for an adult or a more experienced person, it would seem very easy. As with anything, you must start at the beginner level before you can get good at something. In terms of development, this puzzle is capable of developing your child’s mind in ways that you wouldn’t imagine.

From using this jigsaw puzzle your child will learn how to rotate the pieces so that they can fit together, develop color similarities. Jigsaw puzzles Increase concentration. Completing the puzzle successfully will lead to improved confidence. If they do it alone, this will help with their independence. After they are finished playing, you should teach them to put the pieces away back in the box. This will, in turn, encourage them to be responsible. They also develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This is due to the precise nature of matching each piece as precisely as possible.

I enjoy the Gruffalo’s story from both of the books and this puzzle just allows us to relive that story. It’s colorful and will likely grab your little ones’ attention. Those more difficult puzzles with 100 plus pieces tend to end up on the floor. All over the place, and sometimes even end up getting lost. This is a problem but teaching your child to care for their toys when there are fewer pieces will make the process easier.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano Toy

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano Toy

What a fantastic way to start your child's musical journey, who knows, this toy could kickstart a skill later on! Its brightly coloured keys are super inviting, we love its natural wooden frame, we are all for environmentally friendly toys for our children so it ticks our box. Its feet make it sturdy on the ground, and this awesome mini piano comes with three music sheets that have a basic notation so that your little one can play the colour-coded notes. This is designed to empower young musicians to create their songs, by making real piano sounds when they touch the keys. But any baby, child, or pre-schooler can use it.

A few modes to choose from including play-along mode, and play and learn mode meaning your little one could learn a song a day, encourage them with plenty of praise and watch them bloom. Enjoy the six different songs, and have so much fun, even you could have a go if your child lets you! This kids toy won the toy award for 2019 and is suitable for infants aged 6 months plus, meaning as soon as they are sitting up they can begin to play with this amazing toy. Baby Einstein is a kids toy company that is well known for its natural wooden products around the world. Who doesn’t love music? Music has been around for hundreds of years, it gives you a happy feeling, it brings sad feelings it will bring all emotions you didn’t know you had. Music toys develop emotional development in children and adults, also being great for social as you sing along together!

For older children, this will seem completely magical, as you touch the keys sounds appear but where from? This product requires 2 aa batteries that are not included so make sure they are purchased before opening the box, as your little one won’t be able to stay away from this colourful wooden toy.

Jenga by Hasbro

jenga hasbro

They don’t make them like this anymore, and it’s such a shame. Jenga is a classic game, that can be played with up to six people. To play it you simply build the tower as shown on the box and each turn a player tries to remove one piece, if the tower falls, you lose. Better luck next time. You need a super steady hand to pull this one out. Most board games nowadays are made from cheap toxic plastic, unlike Jenga, the only materials used are the cardboard box it comes in, the paper instructions, and the solid hardwood blocks that represent the game. Each piece has the word Jenga on it, which ensures that you are purchasing a quality product from Hasbro.

There are cheaper variations of this game that’s made by other companies, but they are simply copycats, and just like Chinese whispers, the expression is lost. From research and experience, we found that the cheaper versions had a lot of complaints about the wooden pieces. For example, customers stated that the wooden blocks left two players with splinters.

However, the reviews on Jenga stated “the blocks are smooth and even, meaning there are no splinters, dodgy stacks or anything of the kind. That is why you pay for the genuine one over a cheaper version.” This game is suitable for players aged 8 years and older, it would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift that gets people away from technology and playing for fun.

With over 13,000 positive customer reviews, you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to knowing if you’ve made the right decision. It’s not just for kids, it is a game that the whole family can play, and now that you’ve found a great present for that special person, all that's left to do is wrap it up, they won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it.

Park and Go Toy Garage

park and go garage

Young children love little cars to play with, they move them along any surface using their imaginations. When you give them a garage for their cars, what happens is magical. Having a garage where they can drive around with cars allows the imagination to open up even more. This park and go garage is made from wood which is better for the environment. Wooden toys are always nicer and longer lasting too in direct comparison to plastic.

This multi-story car park has four-floor, gas pumps, a rooftop landing pad, and comes with three vehicles. Also good for your child's hand-eye coordination. This toy is suitable for children over the age of three and makes for a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift.

This car garage toy is an awesome birthday or Christmas gift for any toddler. They love to get creative by using their imaginations, playing with other children. Children will learn to use their vocal cords to make different car/ambulance/police noises and 'zooming' them around the car park and onto the floor. Driving the cars around with their hands creates good fine motor skills and learning the pushing/pulling techniques. My son and daughter are big lovers of small cars, they like to create traffic jams on the floor lining them all up one by one.

With the police and emergency service cars, they like to make the noises and learn what noise each one makes. They love wheeling their cars/trains/buses up and down the ramps of the garage. One of the other benefits of this garage is that more than one child at a time can play with this toy, the more cars the better! your child will learn to fit the cars in between the white parking spaces. It is eco-friendly being made from wood, which also adds more security to it being more solid and sustainable. The set comes with a cool helicopter that can sit on the helipad and 1 vehicle to start your child off but I would recommend buying more so more children can play together.

There is a moving lift that they can place the car in to go right to the top and zoom down the ramp once they get there! Pair this toy garage with a pack of hot wheels sports cars for the ultimate gift. Wooden toys are so much better than their plastic counterparts in the sense that they will last a lot longer, are much better for the environment, and even look nicer in general which means that your child is more likely to play with them for longer. Other features include a height limit barrier but don't forget 1.8m maximum height restrictions. Read the signs to find the place to refuel your car and the mechanic parking spot which is amazing for creative imaginations.

Marching Drum

marching drum

This is a solid drum that comes in a variety of colours, from shades of red, and yellow to orange and brown. It is supplied with two wooden beaters. It is approximately 20 cms in diameter.

It’s such as multipurpose drum that has a bright tone to it. Uses could be for a school parade, as an education birthday gift for a young child, or for an adult who is perhaps leading a group, or musician that is after a specific sound type. Whoever it is for, I’m sure that they will love it. The high-quality materials that have been used make it clear that it has been made to last. Being robust, and bright coloured, it is an all-rounder!

March around the garden playing a rhythmic beat, count with me, and hit the drum on each note: one, two, three, four, and repeat! Now hit it on the two and four. Keep practicing and experimenting and you will develop musical talent. My daughter loves playing on this solid wood drum and she also likes me filming her on my phone whilst she’s playing it.

Perhaps she’s a five-year-old musician in the making. You could also create your music band with a marching drum, rainstick, flutes, guitars, etc. Children love to have fun with music equipment it opens their mind to creativity and learning development, they can learn different beats and tones and more!

Learning to play the drums can be extremely beneficial for children’s development supporting a majority of factors such as a reduction in stress, increased confidence, improved social skills, rhythm and musical talent. There are of course many ways that a musical instrument can be good for kids' development, and there are simply too many benefits to list them all.

Lelin Wooden Toy Bus

 lelin wooden bus toy

This adorable children's double-decker bus is the ultimate playroom or bedroom toy, it is an original London bus as it is an everyday vehicle used in London letting passengers on and off as they please. This Bus is a London tour bus so it comes with people and places for them to sit and enjoy the ride around looking at the scenery together or alone.

My son is a real fan of busses, the colours are bright and super attractive to the eyes. The people/figures that are supplied are of different nationalities and genders to show everyone is different and they can all ride together. The upper deck is removable so that people can be placed at the top of the sightseeing bus or they could sit downstairs on the bus. 8 different characters have places to sit.

You will get one bus driver to drive them all around. This toy will encourage counting, letting different passengers on and off, learning colours as all the people are wearing different outfits, a child will learn the wheels on the bus song whilst playing with it and it also encourages gross motor skills of the upper and lower arms to push the bus along.

What we love about the Lelin bus is that they do not use toxic paints for their toys, they are tested so they are safe for all children to use and they comply with the toy safety standards.

To make this bus even more fun you could encourage your child to let the bus 'go and see the queen' at Buckingham palace, or under the tunnels, see the rivers, boats, towns there is so much to see in London so your little one will be entertained for hours and hours, or you could just let them push it around the house using their imagination.

Educational clock

 educational clock

Learning the time can be slightly difficult for some children. Whilst some pick up the concept with relative ease, others may struggle to get their head around the idea. You can teach your child about numbers from an early age with this Learning Clock Toy. made by Jaques of London, this free-standing toy is designed using 100% FSC approved wood. While used for educational purposes, its wooden construction makes use of 5 unique, bright colours to keep your little one entertained as they learn. The relatively big size of the clock ensures that your child remains fully engaged whilst learning, maintaining their attention throughout.

As well as being made of 100% FSC approved wood, the clock is also made from water-based paint for safe play, allowing your toddler to play with the clock without the need for continuous supervision. This means you can ask them a question, leave the room and let them figure out the answers. It’s a great and cheap way to help them learn the time, with clock hands that can be moved to help introduce new numbers and times. It’s very easy to use and once your little one has grasped the concept they won’t stop telling you the time.

Shape sorter puzzle

shape sorter puzzle

This shape sorter puzzle teaches children basic geometry. The set includes squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles. This non-toxic toy is suitable for ages 1-5 years old. Made from wood and helps teach kids colour recognition, whilst also stimulating imagination. It has heavy-duty dowels to ensure longevity, the puzzle is made for children’s hands, and little boys and girls will love this puzzle. If you are not 100% within 3 months there is a money-back guarantee. This educational toy set will help your child play, learn, and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Wooden dolls house

wooden dolls house

Every child loves a doll’s house, boy or girl, and no matter what age as long as supervised under 3 years old. They can have hours and hours of fun. This three-story dollhouse is the perfect gift! It comes complete with 30 pieces of wooden furniture and 4 dolls to live in the house. Your child can get creative with their imagination putting the furniture in their chosen places they can even put a dinner table in the bathroom if they feel like it. Rooms include; an attic bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom! each room is very spacious so lots of room to be moving around their little figures. The attic roof can be removed to create a cool garden space at the front of the house. This house also comes with the features of moving and opening floral windows, blinds, and doors.

I would recommend this particular product as I have it myself and my daughter aged 4, loves it. Not so much my son as he’s at that age where he likes to be destructive and break everything in sight.. but he will get used to it and enjoy it. Raise the blue roof to peek inside, and see past its pretty pink accents. It has a bunting of flowers and is great for playing together or alone with the utmost creativity. Supporting your child’s emotional development, this playhouse has LED lighting included and comes with remote control. You can turn on the light for any room you’d like to play in, this toy is amazing for any little one and they will feel so lucky to play with it. On top of all of that, you can keep adding new items to it just like a real home. Any miniature toys are welcome inside, for your child this will be a virtual reality of sims.

Shopping trolley

shopping trolley

This is a children’s favourite, every child should have one or will already have one. It is an essential part of growing up and learning through role-playing. Our children see us shopping once, maybe even twice a week, pushing along our trolley full of food whilst they sit in the baby seat watching us pick out what to get for dinner. Letting your child use this as their toy, they will imitate what they see, it develops their growth and helps with gross motor skills, learning to walk, pushing it along it strengthens their upper and lower body.

Roleplay is a crucial part of growing up because it encourages brain function of the social interaction role, they will pretend to be walking around a shop or supermarket and talking to their toy baby or friend. Just like a wooden toy kitchen, you will want to buy foods that your little one can put into the trolley, for example, fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, fish… Try to encourage them to pick out healthy food options as this will in turn create a much healthier thinker, they will go for the healthier choice and feel good about it.

This product is perfect for any child under 12 months that is learning to walk. It will encourage them to pull themself up and push it along, as they walk along pushing their legs and body will get stronger and more balanced the more they use it. The reason we have chosen this trolley instead of others is that it is eco-friendly and made from solid wood. It is stunning to look at and will last for a long time, unlike plastic toys that last only 5 minutes.

Train playset

train playset

This wooden train set table is suitable for ages 3+ years. It is the perfect kid's toy and makes for a great Christmas or birthday present. Staying eco-friendly this wooden set is good for the environment, better for your child’s health, and more durable. The set includes 40+ pieces of track, trains, cars, and more! This is a great toy for groups of children to stand around the table playing together, or a child could happily play with this alone. You can purchase it for a nursery, school, playgroup, or as a gift for a family member or friend's little one. As it is a good height, kids don't have to kneel or bend over to play with it, it is perfect for a toddler. It can also encourage standing and walking for non walkers.

Train sets are a great way to learn role play as well as using their emotional, social and physical devilment. They will be using fine motor skills to push the trains along with their hands and gross motor to push with their arms. Very easy to build and put together so parents won’t have a hard time with all different parts and an impatient child waiting to play with their new favourite toy. This set can be put up at grandparents' house as well for when your little ones go round, so they have something they can have as their own, in a small compartment of the room. The table can be moved once built so if you are not happy with where it is, it can be easily moved around the room/house for more choice in where it goes.

This will be the go-to toy that they play with every day, and why wouldn’t they. This blue freestanding activity set has all sorts of accessories such as people, vehicles, traffic lights, trees, signs, and even houses. All of the pieces are colourful with bold red, yellow, and green pieces. This fantastic toy set will help enable little imagination and its natural wood aspects mean that it will last longer than plastic alternatives. It has a real teaching point about structured routine as they learn about ways of living in everyday life, as they travel on the train, in the car, or start to understand what specific signs mean, making it the ultimate gift.

Activity cube

activity cube

this toy comes fully assembled so you don’t have to go through the trouble of putting it together with confusing instructions. It saves all the hassle and headache. It comes fully equipped with 5 sides of endless hours of fun for one child or even a group of them! Not only is it great fun for toddlers but older children will take an interest in it because there are tons of things to do, the amazing thing about this cube is that each side is educational and develops your child by using fine motor skills, gross motor skills and using their coordination skills to work out the puzzles.

Our company loves everything eco-friendly and environmentally friendly so this product is a great one to be on our list! We believe that children should always be allowed to explore all of their senses but safely, putting plastic into their mouth with harmful chemicals is not on our list of parenting things to do. Unless of course, it is made from BPA-free plastic, but we try out absolute hardest to buy only hand-crafted eco, and environmentally friendly toys/products.

This activity cube is very similar to a busy board which has things like buttons, zips, shoelaces, etc. As this cube comes with boredom-busting activities little ones will be happy for a long time and will keep coming back to it, due to its bright and appealing colours children will not get enough of it. There's nothing better than a toy that is fun as well as educational and developmental for a child, in my eyes all children should have one of these once in their lives. Most nurseries will have these in the corners for children to go and relax and fiddle with the spinners and other activities to offer.

Push along pram

push along pram

Giving your child this as a toy will help them to develop their emotional skills because it gives them a reason to be loving, caring, thinking of another baby, and not just themselves. Dolly’s are not just good for emotional development, but they are good for social development. This is because they will be role-playing with other friends/family or children doing the same thing.

Another thing that has a dolly is great for, when your child finally is ready to start potty/toilet training, you can use the baby doll to show them how so they can copy instead of the whole thing being a stressful time. Teaching your child to wash their hands with dolly can also be a great way of using it.

Wooden foods

wooden foods

These foods can be combined with the kitchen above to make all kinds of meals and will help develop the child’s understanding of how ingredients go together and also how specific foods are prepared. Expect them to be making your lunch.

Fold & Go Barn Play Set

 pop up wooden toy

As a child, it was very likely you had your very own toy farm animals to play with. From sheep and cows, to pigs and horses, your collection would grow each year as your family bought more animals to add to your collection. Now, you can get a complete collection with our fold and go barn playset! The set includes 6 unique animals for your child to play with, introducing them to the many animals that can be found on a farm and allowing them to discover the ones they love most. All of this is included with a foldable barn to house the animals during windy weather and rain. It can be easily folded for easy transportation, ensuring that your little one can take their farm animals with them no matter where they go. 

With a traditional barn design, your child can use their imagination to come up with countless farm stories that they will share with you. You can also use the set to educate them about animals, farms and inform them how each animal would interact with one another. No matter what you use our barn playset for, your child can enjoy hours of fun at a time!

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