Salsa dance (explained)

The history & Origin of Salsa 

Salsa dancing originated in Cuba in the 1900's it was created by two rhythms of dance were mixed the afro cuban rumba and the cuban son and created this new energetic dance the dance was then taken to New York by cuban dancers and musicians. The popular latin dance has been around for 100's of years and the basic steps of salsa consists of six steps with eight counts of music. Both mambo and salsa latin dance share many of the same moves it is a sensual dance usually done in couples but can be done with friends too.

The great thing about learning salsa is there are many classes out there for beginners and advanced so anyone can learn it. There is a commonly known saying from salsa dancers and teachers that if you can walk you can salsa. If you do not want to attend a salsa class because of money, distance or confidence you can get some great tips on the absolute beginner to advanced on youtube. A great thing to know is that with salsa dancing you can learn basic salsa steps in less than 10 minutes of learning.  

Most popular Salsa styles 

The most popular latin salsa dances are the cha cha which is derived from the mambo and the rumba. rumba has been popular for around 400 years and is commonly seen in clubs for romantic couples dancing. Merengue is another one that is easy and popular because it consists of walking and side stepping so it is easy to remember and to learn quick.  

The music used in Salsa 

The music people use to dance to salsa is afro-cuban music but they also add elements of the popular latin American styles. The first style of dance that i learned was bachata after about 5 lessons i decided to try out a salsa class. In my first lesson i found it to be very similar to bachata in the steps but instead of side to side you go forwards and back.

With a bit of dance experience already i was able to pick up salsa quite quickly. I also learned that you can dance in the smallest of spaces by taking smaller steps. Id recommend trying salsa this dance is great fun and is easy to pick up. 


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