cultural sweets

I consider myself a person that eats healthy most of the time when I can help it, and part of this healthy eating means that I don’t eat too much sugar, salt or fat. With that being said I’m always extremely interested in something new or cultural.

When I heard about sweets from other countries, this was a bit of a grey area for me and I knew that I had to try them all! I’ll share links below to where you can get these treats if you do want to try them but ultimately I’m going to share what I thought of each crate.

American Candy

When you live in England and you watch those American films and TV shows that star your favourite actors, and you see them eating things that you’ve never heard of like Twinkies, Twizzler’s, Hershey’s, Reese’s and butterfingers. You can’t help but be curious, especially considering that sweets are referred to as candy.

 Upon tasting the crate there were several differences between what we eat in the UK compared to the American sweets. The flavour of American chocolate tastes somewhat artificial and chemically, with that being said it was a lot sweeter and tastes more addictive. Some of the candy was extremely tasty, my favourite is the Twinkie, tootsie roll, and sour warheads.

Japanese Snacks and Sweets

After trying the American candy, I wanted to try more new things and I was meant to be going on a trip to Japan in May but because of the coronavirus my trip was unfortunately cancelled. This however was a perfect opportunity to buy some authentic Japanese snacks and sweets online to taste.

Most of these sweets were incredible to try and a lot of it was extremely unusual. For example, the corn snacks had flavours of sugar rusk, cinnamon apple, prawn mayonnaise, chocolate, and takoyaki. The cream puffs were so tasty, they tasted like mini profiteroles with cocoa cream inside.

You will love these sweets and snacks if you are someone who likes to try new things, you can expect plum, seaweed, weird textures, a selection of Kit-Kats that you would never of suspected that they exist. 

Malaysian sweet fruit jelly 

I went to the supermarket with my friend Sam Braggs who is a food enthusiast and we saw these traditional Malaysian fruit jelly puddings made by a brand called Cocon. With flavours of pineapple, mango, strawberry, lychee and honey melon we had to try them and give you guys our feedback. 

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