7 Must Have Essential Tools When Working With Wood

These seven tools are absolute essentials when it comes to wood-working. I would recommend all of them for up cycling your projects, and I’ll be sharing why they are needed.

  1. Wood Glue

wood adhesive glue for woodwork

Wood glue is amazing, it creates a bond that is stronger than the wood itself and dries completely clear. It can help bond wood together or be used to strengthen joints. It can also be used to fill holes in wooden planks. To do this simply put a little glue into the hole and go over it with sandpaper.

  1. Sandpaper

5m green sand paper for wood working

Sandpaper is like magic, and nothing is more pleasing than taking a rough piece of wood that is sharp and turning it soft with sandpaper. It can be used in a variety of different ways. It is a versatile tool that can help you remove imperfections and in some cases can even improve the look of wooden furniture that has some water damage.

  1. PPE

Dust masks go hand in hand with sandpaper, sanding causes a lot of dust and so you should always protect your lungs for those small fibers. Gloves should be used when necessary to avoid cutting your hands, and eyewear to protect your eyes. Your health is always the most important thing.

MaskSafety SpecsGloves 

  1. Handsaw

red and black large woodworking saw

A handsaw is a must-have when working with wood, use it to cut wood from your project or to cut new pieces that will be added. Make sure to use the full width of the blade to make sawing easier, but also if you don’t, over time the saw will have blunt sections of the saw, making it unusable. Using a handsaw is super tiring but it is a great workout too.

  1. Long Nose Pliers

These are extremely useful in most situations, they can be used for removing staples, and other undesirable materials. What makes them so great is how the long pointed end allows them to get into the most inaccessible places. This multipurpose tool may not be needed for your project but it’s always a good one to have on hand just in case. I couldn’t have transformed these chairs without it.  

  1. Hammer

eco friendly wooden hammer


When you can’t remove things with the pliers above, a hammer can be used to bash them right in instead. This is not preferred but it can help your pieces go from sharp and dangerous to safe and rustic. Not only that the back of a hammer is super useful for removing nails and has much more power than the pliers. 

  1. Compact Drill & screws

compact dewalt drill

When the glue isn’t strong enough, you may need a drill and some screws to connect pieces of wood together for your project. Not only that, but you can also make holes if necessary and can use the drill on the reverse setting to remove unwanted screws. Remember to fill them in using the sandpaper and glue. There are thousands of drill attachments which means you will always be prepared for any new project that comes your way. 

As everyone is unique in their own way, we all use different tools to get the same jobs done. What is your favourite tool for woodworking? 

Essential Woodworking Tools (Video)

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