8 Reasons why your baby cries a lot

After you have just had your baby, it may seem that they are crying all of the time. This is totally normal behaviour, in fact, I had it with both of my babies. It is also normal as a parent to feel helpless when your baby is upset especially if you don’t know how to help them. Your left thinking why does my baby cry all of the time, but the fact is that babies cannot communicate well enough to tell you straight up what the problem is. From the parents’ perspective, it’s based around the guesswork.

How to stop my baby crying?

Sometimes the reason behind their tears can be obvious and sometimes not so much. Usually, though it falls under one of these things and knowing the things to check for from the start can save you a lot of stress. It’s also important to know why they are unhappy about these things as it will help you understand your baby better overall.

1. They may need a nappy change

Imagine how horrible it must feel to be a baby with a wet nappy stuck to you that is both cold, and wet. Not to mention that it is full of bodily waste that smells, and is in general just quite yucky. If you have checked their nappy and this is not the problem, you can move on.

2. They may be feeling thirsty or hungry

Depending on their age, of course, they may be hungry for a snack. This could be food if they are old enough to be weaning or it could be milk. If they’ve already had milk, it is likely that they could have wind. You should go ahead and start patting or rubbing their back until they burp. If they still continue to have problems, they may have colic, and you should go to the doctors to get some medication that may help such as gaviscon, or alternatively buy over the counter oral colic relief medication. It’s important to know that just because your baby has had milk, it's possible that they could still be thirsty. In which case you should make sure that they do drink cooled boiled water between feeding.

3. They could be scared

As you could imagine, being a baby that was so used to being relaxed somewhere dark and warm. It is possible that they could be scared, the differences are that there is now so much for them to see, hear, smell and taste. It can be overwhelming to be able to hear the TV, people talking loudly that simply doesn’t make any sense to the baby and even the hoover.

4. Teething

According to experts, teething is so painful that if we experienced what children do as an adult, it’s likely that we would not be able to cope with the pain. Sharp teeth pushing through your gums sounds like it would hurt a lot. Common telltale signs that your child may be teething can show themselves as red cheeks, swollen gums and even dribbling.

5. Constipation

Constipation occurs commonly in newborn babies. This is because their digestive system is new to the whole world of formula and breast milk compared to the nutrient that their bodies were given in the womb. Their little bodies take time to adjust especially if you have recently stopped breastfeeding or have switched formula. Their bowel habit usually switches between constipation and diarrhoea.

The best remedy for constipation for babies is gripe water (which is a type of sugary water.) It can also be beneficial for stomach ache, and wind. For older children usually a small glass of pure orange, apple, cranberry, prune juice or water. Some people even say that a teaspoon of olive oil can really get things moving along.

6. Fever or congestion

If it seems that your child is crying a lot more now than usual. It could be that they are feeling under the weather. Cold or flu-related symptoms are enough to make anyone feel miserable. For me as an adult when I have the flu. I barely make it out of bed and end up spending all day laying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. You should check for a running nose and also test their temperature with a baby thermometer. If in doubt about their health. Don’t even think twice about taking them to the doctor. As their immune systems are underdeveloped and it could get serious rather quickly.

7. Lack of stimulation or too much stimulation

Even your new-born baby can get bored if they are not getting enough stimulation. If they are getting too much stimulation this can also cause a problem as it will cause unnecessary overwhelm for them as mentioned above. If you think that they need more stimulation, you could either try playing with them. Or you get them in the carrier or buggy and go out for some fresh air! As an adult getting out for fresh air is equally as important, without going outside we can start to feel lonely, bored, angry and upset.

8. Feeling over-tired

When your baby becomes too tired, they will find it hard to go to sleep. They will feel annoyed that they are feeling sleepy and this will, in turn, keep them awake. What you need to do is create a calm environment away from the noise, try to keep it dark if possible and cuddle them with their head on your chest. They will find comfort from listening to your heartbeat and it will remind them of when they were safe inside.

Reasons, why babies cry, are not always easy to put your finger on, just try to keep calm. If they do not seem to stop crying and you are worried about their well being. Don’t hesitate to contact either your health visitor, midwife, or local GP for a check-up.


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