Small Madal Drum (Sound Demonstration)

Small Madal Drum (Video) 

The Small Madal Drum is a traditional Nepalese instrument that has two-sides that can be played. The percussion instrument is perfect for festivals and celebrations. With its free-standing design and convenient small size, it's suitable for musicians and percussionists of all levels, offering a natural rustic finish for an authentic feel. This versatile drum can be tuned with ease to produce unique tones, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players alike.

 Where to buy the Small Madal Drum?

Small Madal Drum

The sound of a Small Madal Drum is rich and resonant, characterized by its deep, warm tones and distinctive percussive quality. When played, each side of the drum produces a unique pitch, creating a harmonious blend of sounds. The rhythmic patterns generated by striking the drumheads with the hands or drumsticks are lively and dynamic, reflecting the traditional culture of Nepalese music. You can purchase the Small Madal Drum here.

Sound demo

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