57 sources of plant based protein

It is no secret that meat is high in protein but with it comes a lot of animal based fat that can be unhealthy and so in this article we cover 57 sources of plant based protein that is suitable for the meat eater, vegetarian and those that follow the vegan diet.

If you are looking at cutting down on meat consumption whether for health or the environment these 57 sources of protein will ensure you don't miss out on vital vitamins, minerals and health benefits too. 


Black beans

Black beans can be added to a vegetable stew as your protein alternative or can easily be mashed and added with herbs to make a tasty black bean burger. However do not over do it on beans as they may have an adverse effect on your digestive system, don't forget to mix it up. 

Broad beans
Cannellini beans

Being high in fiber and full of nutrients also being fat free these are an amazing source of protein, also benefits include iron, magnesium and folate so get cooking those beans. 

Kidney beans
Pinto beans
Haricot beans
Edamame beans

These contain high amounts of protein and a great source of carbs and fat. They also contain good amounts of isoflavones which means if you increase your soy bean intake it will help alleviate symptoms of hormones/menopause and lowers your risks of breast cancer and prostate.

Green beans

Chickpeas can be made into burgers, falafels, added to curries and stir fry's, they contain high amounts of fiber and protein which keeps you fuller and more satisfied for longer. 

Garden peas

Green lentils, red lentils and yellow all contain fiber, protein, and many vitamins. They also contain health properties that can reduce your risk of certain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers. 


Tofu can be used in so many different ways you can have it with a fry up as your egg alternative, you can add it to curries, burgers, soups and many more, as tofu contains soya it has the same benefits as soy beans.


Brown rice

Although many of us would opt for white rice, brown rice contains a large amount of nutrients and fiber that our bodies need, if you want to still eat white rice mix it up and have 50/50 rice mixture with meals to get the benefits and enjoy your food. Brown rice makes it less likely to develop heart disease and stroke. 

Bulgur wheat

Corn contains health benefits that can help improve and look after your eye health, it wards off common diseases such as heart disease or cancer. Also very rich in vitamin C which we all need to maintain balanced healthy lifestyles. 


You can use oats for lots of different things, they are great in porridge, overnight oats, oat milk and more. Oats contain so many vitamins and minerals that you would be silly not to have them. They are incredibly healthy, tasty and filling. 


This is used in most plant based meat alternatives as a great filling substitute, you can add it to curries, rice, stir fry's and sandwiches, it has a meaty texture and flavour and also contains lots of protein keeping full and satisfied as you would after meat.

Soba noodles
Wholegrain bread

Wholegrain bread contains so much more than white bread that have no health benefits. It makes you feel fuller for longer as it contains high amounts of fiber, eating brown bread helps maintain a healthy weight. 


All forms of nuts should be eaten in moderation and you should have a variety every day to keep your natural and healthy fats up, they are filling and so healthy not to mention incredibly tasty.  




Chia seeds are incredibly healthy, they expand when they come into contact with liquid meaning you can add them to a smoothie and be fuller for longer, they help with fertility, digestive issues and many other conditions. 


Pumpkin seeds contain natural fats, fibre and protein. They are crunchy, nutty very filling and can be added to anything. Many people like to add them to salads, oatmeal, smoothies or eaten as a general snack. 




Fully packed with incredible flavour and nutrients but low on calories so have them on the side of a calorie rich healthy meal. Rarely found asparagus actually contains vitamin K which helps bone health and helps blood to clot. 


These are incredibly beneficial for the heart and your cardiovascular system, they are tasty and can be added to many meals and you can even make a tasty dark chocolate and avocado mousse that is delicious. It lowers blood pressure and protects you from heart disease. 

Brussels sprouts

Although they may cause digestive bloating and gas, the health benefits outweigh the negatives. They contain properties that can reduce inflammation and help with blood sugar control.


Mushrooms are use, in every day vegetarian meals as a great protein alternative the flavour and texture is very healthy. Mushrooms are one of many vegetables that contain vital nutrients that can help fight the risk of alzheimer's disease. 


There are many varieties of potatoes, red, baby, baked etc. You can add them as a side dish to any meal or make the potato your staple of the meal such as a curry, soup or a tasty hearty winter stew. They contain high amounts of fiber insuring you stay fuller for longer and in turn with help with weight loss.

Spring greens


Hummus and tahini

Hummus is a great dip to have with crisps, on a slice of bread and added on the side of a healthy balanced lunch. As hummus contains chickpeas and tahini which is crushed sesame seeds it has a high amount of fibre, however do not eat too much hummus all of the time as most of it is oil and salt so bare that in mind. 

Nut butter

There are tons of nut butters on the market, cashew, peanut, almond and many more. It is filling and super healthy not to mention tasty. You can use it as a dip with vegetables and fruit or on a cracker or add them to your homemade desserts as an alternative to butter or sweetner.

Dark chocolate

Luckily enough dark chocolate has so many health benefits that you should eat it every day, who wouldn't want to? its extremely satisfying for sweet cravings, boost your mood, amazing for people who struggle with hormonal issues, full of protein and fiber as well as many other vitamins. 

Goji berries

These are known as the immortal berry, used in chinese medicine and are said that if you include them into your diet you could increase your life by 10 years. They are not only good for adding a splash of colour to your cereal but they can be eaten on their own as a nutritious snack. 

Nutritional yeast
Plant-based cheese

Dairy free cheeses are not everyone's cup of tea but most have a delicious flavour, are packed with healthy nutrients and are healthier than full fat cows milk cheese. 


This can be added to a nutrition green healthy smoothie, added to porridge or you can make up a glass of water or juice and drink it as is. You can have it in a soup, stew or sprinkled over a salad, it contains high amounts of protein and fibre which are both needed in day to day life. 

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