Flavoured Cashew Nuts

We recently had the chance to try a selection of cashew nuts from the sustainable snack brand Cajuu. The nuts are sourced from Tanzania and come in a variety of flavours. This family-run business has been around since 1978, and their eco-friendly packaging is completely plastic free and recyclable. 

Vanilla Salted Caramel

Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavours with this 80g tube of roasted Cashew nuts. Blended with the delicious combination of vanilla and salted caramel, these natural and nutritious nuts provide a healthy treat with every bite. Packed in a convenient, stackable, plastic-free, and recyclable tube, the Cashew nuts are held in a compostable bag to ensure maximum freshness. Enjoy a delicious snack anytime with this delicious Vanilla and Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts Tube. These cashews smell like a toffee-popcorn mix. They’re a bit sticky, but healthy, and they have a good balance of salty and sweet. 

Zanzibar Chilli Zest

Enjoy a truly exotic and unique snack with Zanzibar Chilli Zest Cashew Nuts Tube! Delicious and crunchy cashew nuts are seasoned with a tantalizing blend of chilli and zesty lime flavours, then roasted to perfection. The perfect snack for any occasion, these cashew nuts come in a resealable, stackable, plastic-free and recyclable Tube, complete with a compostable bag inside to maintain freshness. You can enjoy this snack without worry, as it contains only 93% roasted cashew nuts, plus a mix of grape juice, ground chilli powder, lemon juice, lime juice, and salt. The spicy cashews lack a smell but do have a spicy chilli kick. They’re not as crunchy, but have a savoury flavour that’s not overly salty or sweet. 

Mango Moa

A classic nutty treat with a new twist! The Mango Moa Cashew Nuts Tube has cashew nuts marinated in mango pulp and seasoned with salt, crushed black pepper, and ginger, then roasted to perfection. The fruity yet savoury notes of this delicacy will tantalise the taste buds! Enjoy the 80g of naturally seasoned and roasted cashew nuts inside the resealable, stackable, and plastic-free recyclable tube. The cashew nuts are packed inside a compostable bag to maintain their freshness. Ingredients include roasted cashew nuts (nuts) (91%), mango pulp (5%), grape juice, ginger powder, salt, green mango powder (1%), ground black pepper, and natural mango extract (1%).  This tin of fruity cashews has a natural sweetness that’s reminiscent of celero ice cream and Rubicon.

Safari Sweet Chili 

Enjoy the perfect contrast of flavours with this Sweet Chilli Cashew Nuts Tube! Roasted to perfection, these cashew nuts are seasoned with chilli and sweetened with natural ingredients to give you the perfect snack. This 80g tube is naturally seasoned and roasted, and comes in a resealable, stackable and recyclable container that is plastic-free and compostable. Ingredients include roasted cashew nuts (93%), grape juice, brown sugar (2%), ground chilli powder (2%), and salt. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and salty flavours. These sweet nuts have a are slightly spicier than the other chilli ones, with more sweetness. 

Lake Natron Salt and Pepper with herby dip

The Lake Natron Salt and Pepper Cashew Nuts Snack Pack Tray is a classic combination of salt crystals from Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania and freshly-ground black pepper. It also comes with a herby dip made with natural ingredients like rapeseed oil, aquafaba, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, mixed herbs, salt, spinach powder, and turmeric to make it even more delicious. The tray comes in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging, and contains 80g of naturally seasoned and roasted cashew nuts, along with a 20g herb dip. Enjoy the unique combination of salt and pepper and the delicious herby dip - all without having to worry about the environment.

Where to buy Cajuu cashew nuts

We were impressed with all of the cashew nuts, if you want to try them you can buy Cajuu cashew nuts online. They make an excellent gift, we highly recommend trying them.


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