Clash Royale Theme Song (by Supercell) (Kalimba Tab)

The Clash Royale Theme Song sound effect is an energetic and dynamic piece of music that sets the tone for the fast-paced and competitive gameplay of the Clash Royale mobile game. The sound effect music appears when opening the app. The song features a lively and upbeat arrangement, characterised by its catchy melodies, driving percussion, and electronic elements. Its energetic tones create an atmosphere of excitement and intensity, reflecting the thrill of battle and strategy that players experience in the game.

While the song doesn't have lyrics, its vibrant melody suggests a sense of adventure and competition, as players engage in strategic card-based battles to defeat their opponents and claim victory. The theme song serves as an inspiring tune, it is a dynamic and memorable piece of music that captures the essence of the game. It is better suited to the piano but this short tab is fun to play on the kalimba and is very easy!

Letter notes

(D G A F)

F A F G D° C°

Number notation

(2 5 6 4)

4 6 4 5 2° 1° 

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