low income benefits support

What benefits can I claim?

Do you fit into one or more of these criteria’s listed? have a low income, struggling with money, in need of financial help, Unemployed, are Pregnant or have just had a baby and cannot work. If so then continue to read the subject listed below.

1. About job seekers allowance

JSA is a benefit for someone unemployed, couples that are both unemployed and also living together may share a joint claim. How much money you will get depends on your circumstances and can vary, if you have a joint claim you will get a single payment for both of you. Find out your JSA money entitlement via a calculator. You can fill in the forms online or head to your local job centre, to set up the benefit. Payments are usually made out fortnightly, but top-up benefits might be possible.

2. Employment, and support allowance

Commonly known as (ESA) is a benefit for people under pension age that cannot work or find a job due to a long term medical condition or disability. If you think that you are eligible to claim, you should check on the government website.

3. Income support entitlements

Income Support is an income-related benefit in the United Kingdom. Claimants of Income Support may be entitled to certain other benefits, for example, housing benefit, Council tax reduction, child benefit, Carer’s allowance, child tax credit and help with health costs

How to claim income support?

To claim income support, you will need to do an in-depth income support eligibility calculator. How much money you get will depend on your income or savings. To phone the benefits centre, here is their contact phone number 0800 169 0350 what is a low income? 
Low income is considered anything under £16,040, but this is not to say that you will definitely qualify for the benefits stated above as there are many more factors that will be taken into consideration.

How claiming jobseekers allowance landed me in full-time work

In need of some extra money after our baby was born, I signed on and the job centre found me work experience shortly after signing on. I ended up doing work experience in our local co-op store. It was not far from where we lived so it was perfect. Not long after the experience started they hired me for a full-time job. I had a full week of training and they felt I was ready to go work for them. The money earned from working at the store was not much but, I earned enough to start thinking about running my own business from home.

Not long after working at the co-op I started selling on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay on the side of my job. This helped me bring in some extra income to look after my little family. Maybe you are interested in starting up your own company but don’t know how to? A lot of this advice will only be accurate if you are from the UK. Other countries and states may have different rules and governmental policies. Additionally, these benefits are subject to change so to get an accurate description you should refer to the .gov website.

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