Lukas Graham - Love Someone (Kalimba tab)

The pop song called Love someone by Lukas Graham was officially released on the 7th of September 2018 and is featured on the purple album. This track is about all of the things that you do when you genuinely love someone, and the video showcases the love he has for his girlfriend, who was his high school crush and the love that he has for his newborn baby that was featured in the music video. Getting more to the point, the letter and number note tab so that you can play this song on the kalimba is just below.

Letter notes

E°G°A°    FC°E°  (GBD°)

C° (EGBD°) C°D°G°(AD°) C°

E°G°A° FC°E° (GBD°)     



E°G°A°    FC°E°  (GBD°)

G°G° (EG°)E°E° BD° D° AC°

E°D°C°AG (DFAC°)     E° (GBD°)



Number notation

3°5°6° 41°3° (572°)

1° (3572°) 1°2°5°(62°) 1°

3°5°6° 41°3° (572°)



3°5°6° 41°3° (572°)

5°5° (35°)3°3° 72° 2° 61°

3°2°1°65 (2461°) 3° (572°)




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