Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Kalimba Tab)

"Feeling Good" by Nina Simone is a song that captures the sensation of empowerment and liberation. The lyrics express a newfound sense of freedom and confidence after overcoming struggles and challenges. The singer describes feeling "good," "free," and "alive," emphasizing a positive outlook on life and a readiness to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. The music builds gradually, mirroring the rising sense of exhilaration and joy, making it a celebratory anthem of self-discovery and renewal.

Letter notes

G (G° D° A#) G

F A# (G° D°) F

D# G (D#° C#°) D

F D F 

Number notation

5 (5° 2° 6#) 5

4 6# (5° 2°) 4

2# 5 (2#° 1#°) 2

4 2 4  

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