Pinkfong - Five Little Ducks (Kalimba Tab)

"Five Little Ducks" by Pinkfong is a popular children's song that tells the story of five ducklings who venture away from their mother. As they explore the world, each duckling gradually disappears or gets lost, leaving the mother duck searching for them. The song follows a repetitive structure, with each verse counting down the remaining ducklings until they are all reunited with their mother. It's a playful and educational tune aimed at teaching young children about numbers, subtraction, and the importance of staying close to family.


Letter notes

C° C° C° C° E° G° E° C°

D° D° D° D° C° B C° D°

C° C° C° C° E° G° G° G°

C° D° D° E° D° C° C° C°


Number notation

1° 1° 1° 1° 3° 5° 3° 

2° 2° 2° 2° 1° 7 1° 2°

1°  1° 1° 1° 3° 5°  5° 

1° 2° 2° 3° 2° 1° 1° 1°


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