The Band - The Weight (Kalimba Tab)

"The Weight" by The Band is a narrative-driven folk rock song that tells the story of a traveler who encounters various characters during his journey. The song's protagonist is asked by a friend named Annie to visit a town called Nazareth. Along the way, he encounters several individuals, each burdened with their own troubles, who ask him to perform certain tasks or convey messages.

As the protagonist navigates through these encounters, he finds himself carrying the weight of their burdens, both literal and metaphorical. From a man looking for a place to rest to a man seeking salvation from a preacher, each encounter adds to the weight he carries.

Through its vivid storytelling and memorable characters, "The Weight" explores themes of community, responsibility, and the human condition. The song's chorus, "Take a load off, Annie / Take a load for free / Take a load off, Annie / And you put the load right on me," underscores the idea of helping others bear their burdens while also reflecting on the interconnectedness of humanity.

Letter notes

(E° B) C°# E° E° F°# A° (A° E°) F°# E°

(E° B) C°# B (D° A) B (D° A) B (D° A)

(A E) (A F#) (A E) C# B A

B C°# (A° E°) B° C°°# B° C°°# B° A° F°#

(E° B) C°# B (D° A) B (D° A) E F# A E C# B A

Number notation

(3° 7) 1°# 3° 3° 4°# 6° (6° 3°) 4°# 3°

(3° 7) 1°# 7 (2° 6) 7 (2° 6) 7 (2° 6)

(6 3) (6 4#) (6 3) 1# 7 6

7 1°# (6° 3°) 7° 1°°# 7° 1°°# 7° 6° 4°#

(3° 7) 1°# 7 (2° 6) 7 (2° 6) 3 4# 6 3 1# 7 6 

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