The Clancy Brothers - Wild Rover (Kalimba Tab)

"Wild Rover" is a traditional Irish folk song that tells the story of a man who has squandered his money on alcohol and revelry, but eventually decides to change his ways. The protagonist reflects on his past behavior, admitting to a life of drinking and carousing, but now regrets his actions and vows to return home. He expresses remorse for his reckless lifestyle and declares his intention to abandon his old habits. The song is characterised by its catchy melody and themes of redemption, self-reflection, and the desire for a fresh start. A popular variation of the song is by The dubliners.  

Letter notes

 G A B C (E° C° G) (E° C° G) (E° C° G) (E° C° G) (F°# C° A D) (F°# C° A) (F°# C° A)

Number notation

5 6 7 1 (3° 1° 5) (3° 1° 5) (3° 1° 5) (3° 1° 5) (4°# 1° 6 2) (4°# 1° 6) (4°# 1° 6)

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