Bamboo Jaw Harp (Sound Demonstration)

Bamboo Mouth Jaw Harp (Video) 

The bamboo mouth jaw harp is a traditional folk musical instrument that is made from a solid piece of natural bamboo. These are hand crafted by the indigenous people of Polynesia (located in the sub region of oceania) which is made up of islands surrounding the pacific ocean. To play this instrument you need to place it carefully between your upper and lower jaw consistently tweaking the positioning, volume and altering the breath to make changes to the tone. 

Where to buy the bamboo mouth harp?

bamboo mouth harp

There are many things we love about the bamboo mouth harp, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, it's hand crafted and has a stunning dot painted design. Also it produces a fascinating buzz sound effect. You can purchase the bamboo mouth harp here.

Sound demo

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