Begijen Guitar (Sound Demonstration)

Begijen Stringed Guitar (Video) 

The stunning Begijen guitar was hand crafted in Indonesia from solid bamboo, half a coconut shell and a single guitar E-string. The dot painted instrument comes in two sizes; small or large can be played simply by plucking the string or if you'd prefer you can adjust the pitch by twist the wooden peg or squeezing the sides to bend the tone. From Indonesia these are known as Begijen but from India a variation exists which goes by the name of Ektara, Gopichand and sometimes Gobijeu depending on the region.

Where to buy the Begijen guitar?

We love this sound effect musical instrument because of its natural material, unusual characteristics, and its pitch bending qualities. Its perfectly suited to comedic sounds, for use in animated films and video games. You can purchase the Begijen guitar here

Sound demo

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