Fojo Shaker (Sound Demonstration)

Fojo Shaker (Video) 

Made in Ghana, Africa, this fair traded Fojo Shaker comprised of natural gourd, filled with pebbles, and a stick made out of wood, is a very unique and intricately designed instrument. It is a wall hanging instrument, convenient to have a rope end for when after use. It boasts a decorated geometric line and Adinkra symbols burned into the wood itself. Its curved and slim end makes it an easy to grasp instrument; fit for a beginner musician.


Where to buy the Fojo Shaker?

Gourd Fojo Shaker

There are many things we love about the Fojo Shaker, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. The burned decorated tribal design makes it a beauty to behold, perfect as a gift to musician loved ones or to yourself. This beginner friendly instrument produces a high quality rich sound that can be used for various music genres and musical masterpiece. You can purchase the Fojo Shaker here.

Sound demo

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