Labora Metallophone (Sound Demonstration)

Labora Metallophone (Video) 

Handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia, the Labora Metallophone (10 Note) is a unique percussion instrument. Crafted with bamboo and steel pipe, it delivers a rich and resonant sound that transports you to exotic musical realms. With compact dimensions measuring approximately 32 x 25 x 5cm, this instrument is perfect for musicians of all skill levels, sound therapists, and music enthusiasts, allowing you to explore the depths of your creativity.


Where to buy the Labora Metallophone?

Bamboo Labora Metallophone

There are many things we love about the Labora Metallophone, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. This bamboo instrument produces a high quality and soothing sound. Perfect for meditation and sound therapy amongst other uses. You can purchase the Labora Metallophone here. 

Sound demo

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