Matsu Tongue Drum (Sound Demonstration)

Matsu Tongue Drum (Video) 

 The Matsu Tongue Drum is a percussion instrument, also referred to as a Slit Drum or a Log Drum. This instrument made from solid pine wood has vast cultural significance across various parts of the world. This unique instrument has a diverse function as it is often used for meditation and spiritual ceremonies, healing rituals, storytelling, and ceremonial music. The Matsu Tongue Drum is hollowed in the middle to amplify its sound, with varying pitch produced when beat depending on where you strike the beater. 


Where to buy the Matsu Tongue Drum?

Wooden Matsu Tongue Drum

There are many things we love about the Matsu Tongue Drum, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and handcrafted. This instrument is free standing. The sound it makes varies depending where you strike its beater, delivering outstanding pitch you can use for meditation, storytelling, or for healing rituals. You can purchase the Matsu Tongue Drum here.

Sound demo

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